Product care

How can I have my nib exchanged?

You can have your nib exchanged by a Montblanc boutique or a Montblanc service center. Please use the Montblanc Store Locator to find a boutique nearest to you.

Every nib made by Montblanc is crafted and polished by hand. To offer the perfect nib for each individual handwriting, Montblanc offers an exclusive selection of eight different nib widths. Choosing the right nib to match your personal writing style will allow you to write effortlessly.

If the nib is not a perfect match for you, the Montblanc Customer Service offers a free nib exchange within six weeks after purchase. For Limited Editions, the nib exchange is free of charge within one year after purchase. Please note that this free service only applies if the nib is still in mint condition.

Can I use other ink besides yours?

Montblanc offers an exclusive selection of different Montblanc ink colours.

In order to best protect your Montblanc fountain pen from any damage, please only use the Montblanc ink.


In order to maintain our high quality standards, we are exclusively offering repair services at our Montblanc boutique or Montblanc service centers.

Please use the Montblanc Store Locator to find a boutique nearest to you.

How should I take care of my watch?

Your watch is comparable to a jewel. Creations of such exquisite craftsmanship require special care to maintain their pristine appearance and precise performance. To prolong its longevity and precious beauty, Montblanc highly recommends regular servicing, which allows you to keep your timepiece in perfect condition and working properly for a lifetime. Just as a car requires regular maintenance, every watch also needs consistent care. Your watch requires maintenance every one to five years, depending on the mechanical features of the watch. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Montblanc boutique or certified Montblanc retailer. Our qualifiedexperts will be pleased to provide you with any information you may require.

Why does your watch need a polishing service?

Even if you take good care of your watch, scratches or blemishes may still appearon the case or bracelet.Montblanc recommends polishing your watch from time to time to recover itsoriginal brilliance and shine. To do this, the watch must be dismantled completely,separating the bracelet from the watch itself to polish each part individually. It isnot possible to polish the glass in the same way, as the anti-reflection treatmentwould be removed. Moreover, other surfaces such as engraved or sandblastedfinishes would be harmed by the brush.Your watch can only be polished a maximum of seven times. Some scratches maybe too intense to be removed. It is also not possible to polish treated pieces (PVD,ADLC, etc.) and certain materials (such as ceramic, brass, tantalum, etc.).CC_ Please note that polishing is not a separate service, but anadditional option that is only offered together with anotherservice. The price for a polishing service is only included in acomplete service. If a complete service is not performed, polishingis an additional, chargeable service that must be accompanied bya maintenance service to guarantee the water-resistance of the watch.

This service includes the following operations:

1 - Complete dismantling of the watch

2 - Polishing with different brushes and polishing pastes
       - Abrasive paste with a hard brush to eliminate superficialscratches
       - Hard paste with brush to smooth the uppermost surface
       - Fine paste with soft brush to restore the shine andbrilliance of the piece

3 - Cleaning with ultrasonic bath

4 - Watch head closing

5 - Final check (aesthetics)

How can I ensure that my watch is water resistant?

Montblanc highly recommends testing the water-resistance of your watch atleast once every three years. Water inside the case may result in condensation,which can lead to deterioration of the movement. If you often engage in sports orare in frequent contact with water, the test is required once a year. Even thoughMontblanc watches are tested under various conditions, we strongly advise younot to pull out the crown or use the pushers while swimming, cleaning the watchor when the watch is submerged under water.After swimming in the sea or in a swimming pool, clean your watch and stainlesssteel bracelet with lukewarm water and rinse it. Then, use a soft cloth to dry it orsimply let it dry naturally. Never expose it to heat sources, such as hairdryers orradiators. If the watch has a leather strap, avoid any contact with water.Also avoid any contact with chemical products such as solvents, cosmetics ordetergents. They may damage the case and the bracelet or cause the gaskets todeteriorate.



What should I do if my watch becomes magnetized?

Magnetic fields, such as those produced by TV sets, radios and magnets, occureverywhere. They affect different parts of a watch’s movement and change itsperformance. You can use a compass to check for magnetic fields. If the needleresponds, then you are in a region of magnetic influence.Please note that this only concerns mechanical movements. Quartz movements maylose a few seconds, but will return to normal once you leave the magnetic field.Our Montblanc service centres are equipped with special machines to demagnetiseyour watch. Do not hesitate to bring your watch to a Montblanc boutique orcertified Montblanc retailer if you have any questions.


Please visit one of our Montblanc boutiques, authorised retailer or jeweller to receive further information on the individual service options. Please use the Montblanc Store Locator to find a boutique nearest to you.

How should I take care of my jewellery?

Montblanc recommends removing jewellery, especially rings, during household chores and gardening. Pleaseavoid contact with salty water, soap, cosmetic products, fragrances, hairsprays and corrosive or solvent-based cleaningagents. Substances such as chlorine may permanently damage or discolour your Montblanc jewellery, especially at hightemperatures. Please avoid wearing your Montblanc jewellery to the beach, swimming pool, hot tub or playing sportsin order to protect it from damage. Please be sure to have the stones’ settings checked regularly by one of our goldsmiths to ensure they are still securely set.

How should I take care of my leather product?

Leather is a natural material that is sensitive to the effects of light, humidity and water. Tokeep your Montblanc leather product in perfect condition and prevent the colour from fading,Montblanc recommends protecting it from prolonged exposure to high temperatures anddirect sunlight. In the event of contact with water, it should be dried promptly with a soft,smooth cloth. To maintain its natural softness, Montblanc recommends treating your leatherproduct with a neutral leather care product.

Why are the belts only available in one length?

Almost all Montblanc belts are available in one length only, however, the length is fully adjustable to fit your individual size. Any Montblanc Boutique can shorten your belt for you. However, you can also adjust the belt length quickly and easily using a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. Customer Service will be happy to answer your questions. Our Customer Service team is available Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm.