Manufacturing & Engineering

Montblanc's core skills are achieving the ultimate in craftsmanship, continuously reinterpreting collections and creating the finest individual items for special aficionados. This makes Manufacturing & Engineering one of the most crucial specialist areas in the company. Its employees set the standard and determine the high quality of Montblanc products.



The Development & Engineering division facilitates the entire creative process for all products, starting with feasibility studies on the latest materials and manufacturing processes, through the technical implementation of the draft designs, to batch production monitoring by Design Engineering.

The designers' drafts are developed, evaluated and produced using the latest CAD/PDM tools. Based on this data, samples and prototypes are produced in the technical laboratory.

The 3D and 2D data from the technical development process serve as a basis for the next stage, in which all simulations and calculations for the tool design and construction are carried out, and all the operational and manufacturing resources assembled.

The Development & Engineering department works closely with the various manufacturing departments and is responsible for the entire technical support process of the various projects and suppliers.

Technical understanding, especially of complex relationships and their implementation, and the ability to cooperate across departments are essential qualities for meeting the demands of high product and quality standards.



Writing Instruments

The production of high-quality writing instruments is a multifaceted job, spanning the initial technical drawings for tools through to final production. The individual components of a writing instrument go through departments such as metal-working, electro-plating, injection-moulding and nib manufacture, and finally come together to be hand-assembled. The high level of vertical integration in the production process at Montblanc culminates in the company's sophisticated toolmaking design and construction.

Staff from the project management and production planning departments are responsible for the coordinated introduction of a new product, both into the on-going production process and into the regular optimisation of production costs. The production logistics department is responsible for supplying the correct quantities of materials on time, and develops methods for stock and through-put control of materials.

Leather Goods

Montblanc's leather goods are produced in the most famous leather region in the world, namely Florence. Traditional skills, expert craftsmanship, high quality and long-standing know-how are combined to create the finest luxury-quality leather goods.

The on-site staff are responsible for the research, development, prototyping, production and quality control. This is the right job for people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a thorough knowledge of the leather market, the products, competitors and trends.


A quiet place in the Jura mountains, Le Locle is one of the watchmaking centres of Switzerland. It was there that Montblanc Montre S.A. came into being, a Manufacture that produces its own movements, developed entirely in-house, as well as watches of utter technical and artistic perfection.

Montblanc Villeret, which evolved from Minerva, devoted itself to “Haute Horlogerie”, the manufacture of the finest hand-made watches using Swiss tradition and the most up-to-date engineering skills.

The most important prerequisites for a competent watchmaker are a steady hand, patience and passion, combined with the specialist knowledge required.


Four departments are involved in the manufacture of Montblanc jewellery, namely Technical Engineering, Purchasing, Planning and Quality Management. They work on developing the product, on market research for jewellery and precious stones, and organise precious-stone suppliers. In this, accurate production planning is just as important as product control.

Our designers make sketches and, using 3D CAD models, produce the technical drawings and specifications from which prototypes are made. After initial tests and stringent quality checks the jewellery is then produced in accordance with a detailed plan.

Success in the Montblanc jewellery team is open to anyone with creativity, organisational talent and excellent technical knowledge of jewellery.


Quality Management

At Montblanc quality is obligatory. It is achieved by means of a quality management system that encompasses all company departments and processes.

Quality Management’s principal goal is to not to create quality as a result of individual tests but to ensure that it is a planned outcome of quality-relevant processes and actions across all project and production stages. Cross-disciplinary teamwork within the individual process chains and systematic error prevention are its fundamental principles.

Appropriate quality control strategies and methods are applied in all areas and are part of every job from the very outset. With the most up-to-date facilities at its disposal, the chemical and physical laboratory supports both product and process development in all product categories. In addition, to ensure product safety, first-class measuring and testing systems are used. Thus quality materialises as an integrated outcome across the entire value chain.

A quality expert at Montblanc means not being someone who is content with the basic standard, but someone who persistently strives to achieve something better.


Artisan Atelier

The Artisan Atelier is concerned with the development and production of high value special editions. The aim is to create unique, artistic, precious pieces, quite apart from the normal production lines.

Traditional craftsmanship such as that of the specialist toolmaker, goldsmith or precious stone setter combines with one of the most up-to-date CAD development and CDC programming systems in the world. High-tech machinery complements the work of the craftsman to produce limited editions.

Close cooperation between the designers in Paris ensures the fruitful exchange of ideas and the presence of the Montblanc DNA in all products. This also applies in the case of a Montblanc highlight: unique pieces designed especially for customers, known as “Créations Privées”. Montblanc customers have the opportunity of collaborating with the Artisan Team in the design and production of their own personal writing instruments.

Such exceptional products require exceptional skills:
• Passion: a delight in beauty and perfection motivates us especially as market leaders to provide top class service again and again.
• Excellence: superb craftsmanship encompassing precision to perfection convinces customers that they always get the best
• Customer focus: the customer’s taste is the determining principle underpinning the production of bespoke pieces.