Gifts for under £ 200

Discover refined pieces of craftsmanship.

When exclusiveness meets affordability

There are occasions when it is simply time to show someone how much they are liked and appreciated. Every accessory is as unique as its recipient; it stands out through clarity and function and in so doing reflects taste and style. Products from Montblanc are personal gifts that become valuable everyday companions – whether as an elegant fragrance, a pair of elaborate ear studs or a filigree bracelet made of sterling silver for Her, or as cuff links or a men’s watch made of leather and stainless steel for Him. In addition to the price range under 100 pounds, we have also compiled a selection of exclusive gifts for under 200 pounds. Numerous Montblanc classics are waiting for a chance to make someone special’s day and then to accompany that person day in, day out.

Give affection – with our gifts for under 200 pounds

A master-crafted accessory, presented as a gift, symbolizes your affection and appreciation for a special person. The range of classic Montblanc products is full of ideas for gifts for under 200 pounds which come from the heart. A piece of exquisite jewelry for Her, perhaps, or a true classic from the world of writing culture for Him? Or maybe the other way round – after all, there are elegant jewelry accessories for men, too. To give Montblanc as a gift is to give affection. Each of our products emphasizes discreetly but unmistakably the taste and uniqueness of its owner.

Classic watches, elegant writing instruments and gift ideas for under 250 pounds

Of course, there are many other elegant pieces to choose from if there is a little more in the budget: whether a silver necklace with a filigree pendant, a cowhide wallet with jacquard lining or sunglasses with an ultra-light frame in a retro-look design – our gifts for under 250 pounds are certainly not short on inspiration. Additional choices include Montblanc writing instruments with their strong tradition and watches in many different variations. Each masterpiece is not only a gem in its own right, manufactured with the best of European craftsmanship, but is also and in particular a reliable everyday companion which perfectly unites design and function. That is what makes Montblanc products such very special accessories for very special people.