Gifts for under £ 250

Surprise them with a lovingly crafted masterpiece.

Uncompromising quality

What about a necklace with pendant made of the finest sterling silver? A discreet, fresh fragrance? Or a pair of cuff links made from polished stainless steel? A well-considered gift expresses appreciation and affection; it is at once symbol and gesture. It is for precisely this purpose that Montblanc has compiled a selection of gifts for under 250 pounds. What about a classic rollerball pen with a cap and barrel made of precious resin in black or white? Plus, perhaps, a case made of Italian leather to protect the treasured writing instrument? We manufacture masterpieces with clear contours and filigree details from elegant materials. Each accessory is the product of European master craftsmanship. A pleasant feel and a light weight underscore the effort to create perfect everyday companions – companions with unambiguous functionality and an unmistakable design.

Form and function united in perfection

This is Montblanc’s mission, and, in accordance with it, the company has been manufacturing special accessories for special people since 1906. Our selection of gifts for under 250 pounds combines luxury with affordability, without diminishing their special significance in any way. Whether silver earrings or wallets made of cowhide – Montblanc stands for uncompromising quality. This applies as much to ultra-light sunglasses as it does to cosmetics travel cases made of soft leather and resilient nylon with jacquard lining divided into generous internal compartments. Here, design always follows function.

Elegant writing instruments, watches and leather goods

Every Montblanc accessory makes an ideal and exquisite gift that underscores both its owner’s individuality and awareness of quality. This includes in particular Montblanc writing instruments with their long tradition and watches which are available in many varieties. Or should it perhaps be a touch more personal? Embossed initials, for instance, quickly turn an elegant wallet into a very special personalised gift. Likewise, an engraved name makes a precious fountain pen even more precious. Exquisite accessories such as these make giving as pleasurable as receiving such a gift.