Legend Spirit

A Legend was born

The story of a Legend began to unfold in 2011, with the birth of the Montblanc Legend, an exceptional fragrance for a man with a truly independent spirit and a very unique disposition that has since become a worldwide classic among masculine fragrances.

The Legend Continues…

It was only natural for Montblanc Legend to go on to inspire a new, an even more virile fragrance with just as much verve and alluring sincerity. Today, the Maison presents an newfound expression of his personality caught in moment of total freedom and serenity with a new spirited expression of masculinity… Montblanc Legend Spirit.


Inspired by all forms and shades of white, from snow to marble, the two master perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp found a perfect composition to create a fresh, virile and intense fragrance as breathtaking as a resplendent landscape. 

The brand new olfactory pyramid of this fresh woody aromatic fragrance is made of exceptional ingredients. The sparkling top notes of pink peppercorn, bitter grapefruit and transparent zesty bergamot are immediately unleashed. Its powerfully aromatic heart beats wildly, thanks to intense lavender, hypnotic cardamom and an invigorating aquatic accord. White woods – sandalwood, cedar and cashmere – sensually blend with oak moss, the unique signature scent of Montblanc Legend, creating enveloping and authentic base notes, softened with a cocktail of white musks. 

The scent heats up on the skin, vibrates in contact with the air and draws strength as it releases an unmistakable sillage.

Discover our Special
Discover our Special