How to apply

Our employees are a part of our global family; their skills and dedication help to ensure and constantly develop the success of the Montblanc brand. It is important to us that our employees are strongly committed to our common foundation.

In order to meet mutual expectations and help you in creating a successful online application in the best way possible we have prepared some tips for the form and content of an application.

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Your covering letter gives your application a personal touch and should make us want to find out more about you. We recommend writing around one page and using the following questions as a guide:

• Which position are you interested in?
• Why are you interested in the position and in Montblanc as an employer?
• Which of your skills make you a suitable candidate for the vacant position?


Your CV should list in tabular form the information that is most important for the position and provides relevant evidence of your qualifications. In doing so you should observe the following criteria:

•Completeness of your personal data (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address)
•Relevant information about your education (school-leaving qualification, education, degree, qualifications)
•Brief summary of your professional career and a list of your main activities in the relevant positions (internships, temporary jobs, permanent positions etc.)
•Information on time spent working abroad
•Possibly details of further qualification-relevant information (hobbies, interests)


The enclosures should document the educational background and professional experience stated in your CV. The following supporting documents must be included:

•For entry-level applicants: School-leaving certificate
•Apprenticeship certificates
•Academic qualifications (Bachelor, Diploma, Master’s etc.)
•Evidence of work completed (internship certificates, certificates of employment etc.)
•Evidence of time spent working abroad
•Please send your files in a common format. We recommend using the PDF format for text files and the JPG format for image files. Please ensure that the files attached to your online application do not exceed a total data volume of 10 MB.


1. Online application
Please use our e-Recruitment system to submit your application documents and ensure that you send us all relevant documents.

2. Initial selection
Each application received is reviewed in detail. Profiles that are best suited to the open positions in terms of qualifications will be shortlisted.

3. Interview stage
If we are impressed with your application documents we will invite you to attend an interview in our company as the next step. Depending on geographical distance the first interview can also be held via video conference. Further interviews may be necessary so that we can get a comprehensive overview of one another.

4. Candidate check
During the application process we reserve the right to perform a check of all shortlisted candidates. The purpose of this candidate check is to verify the information provided in the application. You will be notified separately before the candidate check is performed.

5. Contract conclusion
If you impress us during the interviews and if you decide that we are the right company for you, we will be delighted to welcome you to Montblanc.

Vacant positions
Vacant positions