Our Fundamentals

The fundamentals help us to achieve our corporate goals and improve how we work with colleagues, customers and external partners.

Our daily working relationships and actions are governed by six fundamentals: agility, alignment, empowerment, excellence, respect and transparency. These are the important cornerstones and principles on which our company is built.

We are convinced that every individual employee contributes towards the success of the brand and drives us forward as a globally successful and dynamic “maison.”

Agility: Acting clever.
It is important for our daily business that we, as a company, can quickly adapt to any changes in circumstances. It is essential for us to recognise the right time to make changes and not rest on our laurels.

Alignment: Company-wide alignment is the key to our success.
Our company consists of many different business divisions that all make a contribution to its success. Team work is a central element and means for us supporting each other with confidence - regardless of the department or task. We ensure that we involve all relevant parties so that we can work together to find solutions that can make a positive contribution to the company’s success.

Empowerment: Assuming responsibility.
All of our employees bear responsibility within our company. It is important to us to place trust in the skills of others so that we can define shared goals and responsibilities without prescribing how to achieve them.

Excellence: Earning our customers’ trust every day.
We strive towards the highest quality of our products and services in everything that we do. In doing so we use mistakes as a positive opportunity for constantly improving performance. We challenge each other by constantly questioning existing routines, in order to achieve the most challenging goals and generate the best results for an exceptional product experience for our customers.

Respect: Diversity is a strength.
At Montblanc we operate in a very international working environment. We are aware that we are all different and that it is important to be respectful in our dealings with one another to ensure that we can work together successfully.

Transparency: Honesty as a common basis.
Our focus is on our work and, at the same time, we ensure that we deal openly with one another. We are honest with one another, and stand by and support each other. We maintain a culture where we have the strength to give and also request feedback.


Professional Life & Private Life

Creativity flourishes where it has the freedom to develop. Therefore it is important for us to consider the private needs of our employees and to support them in the various stages of their lives, so that their career and private lives can operate in harmony.

Whether it be part-time work, flexible working hours or remote working, we at Montblanc will find a working arrangement that suits the needs of your private life.

Has a personal trauma become a burden or has the child-minder suddenly fallen ill? It goes without saying that we provide paid leave from work in emergencies as well as support to find a child-minder, care for the elderly or child-minding in the summer.

The company offers varied sports activities including cycling, Nordic walking or football. A company doctor is available on certain days as required.