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The career opportunities are as varied as the challenges within Montblanc. People with varying backgrounds and qualifications can find jobs that meet their expectations, provide a challenge and offer career advancement. Montblanc seeks staff who want to develop their careers and are willing to learn. We support them in developing their potential to the full.


Marine C. Retail Director Montblanc UAE, Dubai

An exciting place to learn and progress

After completing her education at business school, Marine joined Montblanc under its sales trainee programme in 2005. Her career started in Hamburg, and then led her via Switzerland and France to Dubai, where, as Retail Director, she is responsible for the network of boutiques and 37 employees.

Notwithstanding the broad, international and operational experience she has gained, Marine still thinks there is great potential for her to evolve and develop personally with the Montblanc brand.


Thierry J. Managing Director Montblanc Watches, Le Locle J.

What i really appreciate is the culture of the craftsmanship and the will to master the know-how.”

While still completing his business studies, Thierry was already mad about watches; so much so that, after his first year in the watch industry, he spent six years at evening classes studying for an additional qualification in watchmaking.
Equipped with this skill, Thierry was first able to acquire experience in product development in the Richemont group, until, in 2007, he had the opportunity of becoming Managing Director of our watch Manufacture in Le Locle.
Thierry loves working for Montblanc, using his expertise to shape the watch collection and conveying his enthusiasm for watches to other employees.


Thorsten H. Manager of the Artisan Atelier, Hamburg

You are what you were, and you will be what you do

Thorsten began his career at Montblanc in 1981 as a trainee toolmaker.
His career path led him, via continuing professional development as a master metalworker, to the position of Manager of the Artisan Atelier, a position he still holds today.
Apart from developing and producing wonderful writing instruments, he sees his most important task as encouraging his colleagues.


Daniel K. Retail Director Germany

When I joined Montblanc in 2001, after working four years for a fashion brand, I had a very interesting start as an Assistant to the Executive Board. I had plenty of scope to prove my abilities in project management and was able to explore in detail every corner of Montblanc, including Production, Marketing & Sales and all the service departments. From the start, I pursued the objective of changing my focus within this fascinating brand every two or three years. Consequently, I joined the International Sales Department two years later, to develop and implement successfully a strategy for the International Corporate Gift sales channel.

In 2005, I had the chance to take over the position of Wholesale Director in our German subsidiary. One of my most interesting assignments in this position was the redefinition and upgrading of our sales strategy in this channel to suit the luxury market. This was crowned by the greatest experience in my career, receiving the Montblanc Star of Excellence, with which I was rewarded in 2008 in front of all my Montblanc colleagues from all over the world, my very own Montblanc family.

"All these friends from every part of the world, all these wonderful stories we share, the great international team spirit and individual drive for excellence are some of the good reasons to come to work every day."

One of my biggest hobbies is luxury watches: their history, their functionality and their fascinating aura in the luxury industry. What a lucky coincidence that watches are today Montblanc’s most important strategic product category! Thus, this is my current challenge: since 2009 I have been working as a Retail Director (again in Germany). My team and I are developing our Montblanc boutiques to be perfect landmarks and brand ambassadors by selling our beautiful and technically sophisticated watches and other high-end products to the most interesting, most demanding and most rewarding group of people: Montblanc customers, Montblanc collectors, Montblanc aficionados!


Julia T. Managing Director Montblanc, Taiwan, Taipeh

''A forward-looking company with a compelling vision''

In 2006, Julia joined Montblanc Taiwan as Marketing Director. In this role, she has been leading the company and its employees towards an exciting future.

She sees it as a particularly exciting challenge to handle opportunities creatively. Julia recalls with great delight how she and her team succeeded in embedding Montblanc products in the tales featured in a local TV drama, thus communicating the product image in a positive way to younger target groups.