Marketing & Sales

It is not enough to produce the finest writing instruments, leather goods and watches or the most precious jewellery. It is just as important to communicate the uniqueness of the creations to a discerning clientele and to sell the products. Montblanc relies on its effective Sales & Marketing staff. They breathe life into the brand and live for it.


International Marketing

In the field of international marketing, all efforts combine to nurture, strengthen and develop the unique Montblanc brand identity and personality. Hence, the International Marketing department is responsible for strategic brand management, global brand positioning and maintenance of an integrated brand image across the various distribution channels and the media.

To this end, the International Marketing department defines, develops and implements marketing objectives and concepts.

It provides guidance for the marketing organisations of foreign subsidiaries, monitors the brand image portrayed by licensees, and defines the key strategic and conceptual elements of all internal and external brand and product training.

International Marketing encompasses the following specialist areas: International Communications, International PR, Digital Media and Communications, Boutique & Retail Design, License Business and International Training/Montblanc Academy. There are links in the first instance to Creative Management, Category Management and to distribution, and externally to the marketing managers and national companies. 

The ability to act on one’s own initiative, creativity and demonstrable strategic and analytical capacities are important skills for success in the International Marketing department.


Category Management

Category Management is responsible for the success of the four product lines that the luxury goods manufacturer, Montblanc, currently produces: writing instruments, watches, jewellery and leather goods. 

Its principal task consists in ensuring healthy growth and image enhancement of the brand by means of targeted product development and product range management. In so doing, it is essential to nurture and strengthen the unique origin of the brand in the culture of writing, and at the same time build bridges to the three other product categories. 

The day-to-day business dictates classic product management tasks: from managing the life-cycle of the existing portfolio to defining new products, along with the demands of target groups, product ranges, costs, sales price, distribution, production quantities and marketing at sales points. New developments are managed from the ideas stage to market launch by means of a system-based project tool. Within the company, Category Management adopts a staff function and brings together all other specialist fields in a product-related fashion. Key factors for success in Category Management are market knowledge, an affinity with luxury, a distinct aesthetic sensitivity along with a business and entrepreneurial approach. Cross-cultural and interdisciplinary skills and an ability to grasp the overview, as well as an eye for detail, complete the profile.


Creative Marketing

Open to new ideas, new challenges, new learning, and to criticism – openness is, alongside specialist requirements, one of the most important aspects of the Creative Team’s activity.

The main work of this international team lies in product design, a process that can be summarised in five steps: 

Inspiration > the dream
Concept > the idea
Design > taking up the challenge
Technical drawing and specifications > reality check
Prototype and final product > bringing the concept to life 

The Creative Team is also responsible for packaging and materials for product presentation, point of sale and window-dressing for boutiques. The team’s involvement from the initial idea to final completion is the only way to accomplish and deliver the complete product package. 

Fine design and timeless, classical style are defining values of our brands. The Creative Team is responsible for sustaining this claim and the Montblanc strategy, and ensuring, in conjunction with Category Management and the Production and Purchasing Departments, that work carried out measures up to these values. 

Paris, the world capital of luxury and creativity, is the home of designers. From there, they work together directly with the Montblanc European Craftsmanship Centres of Excellence in Hamburg (writing instruments), Le Locle and Villeret (watches), and Florence (leather goods). 

Finding new ideas and inspiration while preserving brand identity and values is an exciting challenge in an international environment.



Through its own subsidiaries and exclusive partners, Montblanc serves over 150 countries. From its business centre in Hamburg, the sales team, working closely with local management, organises effective multi-channel distribution, with over 400 boutiques across the world, the watch and jewellery trade, traditional specialist shops and direct B2B businesses. 

Together with management and colleagues from International Marketing, Category Management, International Logistics and Production, the sales department develops integrated and individual market needs-compatible communications, product and market strategies.

The ensuing marketing mix comprises not only traditional advertising but also a broad range of approaches, including professional point-of-sale visibility, retail marketing, customer relationship management, and training concepts for internal and external partners.

The ability to work in a team, a results-focused approach, flexibility, empathy, commitment and an open-minded approach are only a few of the success factors that make sales colleagues excellent service-providers for customers in the luxury goods market.


Customer Service

Customer Service is passionate about achieving complete customer satisfaction and establishing a stable and long-term partnership with customers. The department guarantees standardised global service levels and excellent customer service. 

Operating from Hamburg, Customer Service International is responsible for the following:

• Developing and monitoring international service and communication standards
• Executing international projects
• Competence Centre for writing instruments – global technical service for limited editions
• Parts planning and storage

International and cross-cultural skills are important, and a strong service mentality is a must to be able to succeed in fulfilling the demands of customers and of a job in Customer Service.