The Montblanc Manufacture in Villeret

The Montblanc watches manufactured in Villeret benefit from over 150 years of uninterrupted traditional Swiss watchmaking expertise. With timeless aesthetics and intricate mechanical movements crafted entirely in-house, the watches produced here still express the core values upon which the company was founded in 1858.

The prestigious Manufacture Minerva, forerunner of what has today become the Montblanc Manufacture in Villeret, won its spurs developing groundbreaking movements admired by connoisseurs for their outstanding quality and original design.

The Montblanc Manufacture in Villeret is one of the last ones where most of the traditional horological operations, with all their micromechanical refinements, are still meticulously performed by hand – almost as though each timepiece were individually crafted as a unique item.

The company is one of the very few manufacturers able to draw on the master watchmakers, the original tools and the expertise needed to develop and produce mechanical timepieces in keeping with authentic Swiss watchmaking tradition. Following the principles of their heritage, and with constant innovation, the artisans in Villeret present exclusive developments that differ in many respects from anything that modern haute horlogerie has ever created.