Quality Management

At Montblanc, quality is obligatory It is achieved by means of a quality management system that encompasses all company departments and processes

Quality Management’s principal goal is to not to create quality as a result of individual tests but to ensure that it is a planned outcome of quality-relevant processes and actions across all project and production stages. Cross-disciplinary teamwork within the individual process chains and systematic error prevention are its fundamental principles.

Appropriate quality control strategies and methods are applied in all areas and are part of every job from the very outset. With the most up-to-date facilities at its disposal, the chemical and physical laboratory supports both product and process development in all product categories. In addition, to ensure product safety, first-class measuring and testing systems are used. Thus quality materializes as an integrated outcome across the entire value chain.

A quality expert at Montblanc means not being someone who is content with the basic standard, but someone who persistently strives to achieve something better.

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Quality Management
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