Finance & Controlling

In the last decade there’s hardly any other business area that changed similarly fast and fundamental as did Finance & Controlling - from “number crunchers” in former years to information brokers and consultants with strategic expertise today. The dynamic development of the Brand and the raising demands this creates in terms of management information and analysis constantly drives new challenges and responsibilities.
At the Hamburg headquarters, the responsibility for both the worldwide Group Accounting as well as the accounting for the German enetities come together.
The activities are ranging from Group consolidation, to Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet accounting, Receivables & Payables administration, and Treasury Management. A high level of interaction with all Hamburg based fundtions (including Production and After Sales Service), as well as periodic exchanges with Montblanc subsisdiaries and Richemont Group functions like Accounting, Treasury and Tax are evidencing the dynamism that the Accounting function embodies. This is only further amplified by the many regulatory changes that this field is going through for both IFRS and German HGB purposes.

The second main pillar is Controlling. It takes care of a broad array of tasks like reporting, analysis, budgeting and forecasting of the worldwide Brand development. It is also here that the coordination of the strategic planning for the Brand takes place. Management information and support is provided to our 4 production sites, the commercial and headquarter functions in Hamburg as well as the Montblanc subsidiaries worldwide. Specialist areas have been established for Product Controlling, Cost Controlling and Strategic Controlling. The latter also includes the important areas of Retail Controlling -were we keep a close eye on the development of our retail store network around the globe and Portfolio Controlling.

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