The work of an IT department can be divided into three basic areas, in which planning and operational processes play an on-going role.


• Analysis and discussion of operational requirements as well as their implementation in accordance with Montblanc's IT strategy

• Change management, process optimisation, training

• Project management, budget planning and budget control


• Changes and expansion (e.g. new locations, the installation of new applications, setting up additional work stations, ...)

Operational processes:

• Continuing proactive monitoring of the IT infrastructure in all locations

• User Help Desk for IT queries (one-stop shop)

• Dealing with faults with outside suppliers (providers, software manufacturers)

• Supply management for IT components

• User management (authorisation, locking and allocation of resources)

Key prerequisites for working in the IT department are strong consultancy skills, IT know-how and the analytical capacity to understand all the business processes in the field and to provide support in IT.

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