Product Care

Works of such exquisite craftsmanship often require some special attention when it comes to maintaining their superior appearance and performance. Here you can find a selection of use and care tips that come directly from the craftsmen themselves.Should the information given here not meet your requirements, please contact one of the Montblanc Service Centers around the World.

Twist Mechanism

Ballpoint pen with twist mechanism

1. To extend tip, please turn cap clock clockwise.
2. To retract tip, please turn cap counter clockwise


Fountain pen with piston mechanism

1. Turn cone counter clockwise as far as possible. Please note that an ink rest could be left in the pen.
2. Dip the entire nib into ink and turn the cone back completely.
3. Loosen the cone to allow 6 – 8 drops to flow back into the ink bottle by turning the cone counter clockwise slightly.
4. Please turn the pen, the nib pointed upwards, and slowly tighten the cone again by turning it clockwise.
5. Wipe the nib and cap with lint-free paper or a soft lint-free cloth.



The rollerball contains liquid ink. Please only write on paper which is suitable for fountain pens. Replace cap to avoid ink drying up. Refills are interchangeable with fineliner refills.

1. Turn barrel counter clockwise to remove.
2. Remove used refill by turning it counter clockwise, insert new one, turning clockwise, and screw barrel back on.


For any assistance, please do contact us at 1-800-995-4810 between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST Monday through Friday or find a Service Center close to you.

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