Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein’s talent for bringing harmony into the finest detail is reflected in the Donation Pen dedicated to this great artist. For example, the gold-plated cap rings of the pen are inscribed with music and lyrics from the song “Maria” from “West Side Story” and are a testimony to Bernstein’s musical ability.
The clip is shaped into an artistically curved clef symbol, and the Leonard Bernstein fountain pen reaches a crescendo in the handmade nib, with its delicate engravings of a dove. As a musical finishing touch, the elaborate presentation box that comes with the pen contains a compact disc with selected works by Bernstein played by the Philharmonie der Nationen.
Limited Edition
Available as Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Pen
Characteristics:• Gold-plated mountings
• Clip in the shape of a clef symbol
• 18K gold nib
Leonard Bernstein was a musician through and through. Whether he was conducting, composing, teaching or playing the piano, he always did it with true passion. His first appearance as conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of only 25 years brought him overnight fame – it was the start of an unprecedented career.
In the course of his tireless musical career, Bernstein composed unforgettable melodies and world-famous musicals such as “West Side Story”, “On the Town” and “Candide”.
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In connection with the annual "Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award", which was established in 1992, Montblanc has issued a strictly Limited Edition fountain pen each year as a tribute to the most important patrons of art and culture in the past centuries, those whose personal commitment and achievements deserve wider recognition.

Since 1992 these meticulously hand-crafted writing instruments have been made available in the spring of every year. They are limited to 4.810 pieces and in an even more precious Limited Edition of only 888 pieces.

Since 1992, the Writers Edition annually honours the world's most famous authors whose works had a lasting impact on generations of readers and maintain relevant to this day. The specific design and
the fine details of each edition – available as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, pencil and rollerball – represent both a masterly homage to the life's work of its namesake and a fascinating commitment
to writing culture.

The nerve to think differently. The courage to break traditions. The will to overcome barriers. There are people who possess this mentality and who, over the past century, have altered the course of history, changed our perception of the world and set new standards in art, culture, politics and science.
With the Great Characters Editions, issued for the first time in 2009, Montblanc honors the great figures from history with their groundbreaking work. Handmade by master craftsmen and issued in Strictly limited editions, these exclusive writing instruments are a fascinating tribute to the legacies they left behind.

They were icons of feminine allure, they bestowed inspiration and style upon their contemporaries, and they are remembered to this day for their grace and their attitude. Montblanc honours the
legendary muses of the 20th century with an edition of breathtaking writing instruments that radiate the same elegance and irresistible aura as their namesakes – the Muses Edition.

Montblanc’s Donation Pens honor outstanding personalities from the world of classical and contemporary music – exquisite fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoint pens which, in their gracefulness and attention to detail, faithfully commemorate the famous personalities after whom they are named.

By purchasing a Donation Pen, people who appreciate music and fine writing instruments acquire not only an exclusive Limited Edition, but also support the promotion of art and culture with the donation Montblanc makes from the revenue of every sold Donation Pen edition.

Every Montblanc Limited Edition tells its own individual story. The inspiration for these writing instruments emanates from the cultural history of mankind: ist historical milestones, landmark architectures and most eminent characters are the creative source for fascinating editions of extraordinary and strictly limited writing Instruments.

Created from the most select materials and shaped by highly skilled master craftsmen with utmost care and meticulous dedication, these unique writing instruments make their prowd owners themselves a part of this history – a history of unconditional devotion to culture and passionate craftmanship.

Drawing on its rich history, Montblanc captures the spirit of the early 20th century with the creation of the new Montblanc Heritage Collection. The 1912 Limited Edition, the first in the Heritage Collection, is a technological breakthrough. Made from titanium, it draws its inspiration from one of the first fountain pens, featuring a two-step screw mechanism and three interchangeable clips,each honoring a design movement from that era. Limited to 333 pieces, the Montblanc Heritage 1912 Limited Edition redefines the principles of custom manufacturing while setting new standards in the craftsmanship of contemporary writing instruments.

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