Chiharu Shiota

There seems to be no beginning or end to the sheer, knotted nets Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota (b. 1972) weaves around her objects or with which she surrounds entire rooms and installations. With her fragile structures made of fine dark threads, Shiota, who studied in Kyoto, Canberra, Braunschweig and Berlin, succeeds in making physically heavy objects appear to float weightlessly in the air, such as the Montblanc Star made of Plexiglas in her work “State of Being”. Thus, in their strength and durability these finely woven structures reminiscent of slowly and organically grown spiderwebs appear to triumph over the laws of time and physics. Combined with an installation of piles of books as a place of remembrance or as a stage design for an opera performance, Shiota’s spun works of art are a warning of transience, resembling fragments of memory or sound reverberations, becoming hushed, subtle inner images of past dreams or fears.

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