Ma Jun

Chinese sculptor Ma Jun (b. 1974) generated special attention in the art world with his “Porcelain Car” (2003), a 1:1 sculpture of a luxury sedan or saloon car, covered with shimmering paint and traditional motifs taken from Chinese porcelain painting. For Montblanc, the artist, who graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2003, created the “Porcelain Car (Series 1)” art bag, which was given the baked and painted look of the centuries-old traditional Chinese porcelain manufacture by means of fine craquelure and folkloristic patterns. To provide a structural shape for his objects made of porcelain, fiberglass or aluminum, Ma Jun primarily selects products symbolizing Western opulence, such as cars, TV sets, cassette recorders, thermos flasks or beverage cans, which are then merged with the Chinese culture by means of the typical porcelain surface. In this way Ma Jun, who feels that his work is primarily inspired by Claes Oldenburg and the American pop art movement, essentially questions the identity-generating effect of consumer articles.

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