Meisterstück 90 Years Classique Fountain Pen

The iconic Meisterstück, first manufactured in Hamburg in 1924, is emblematic of Montblanc's quest for craftsmanship and perfection. For 90 years it has remained true to its unmistakably timeless, sophisticated character. The anniversary edition comes with red gold plating and a special "90" commemorative nib design.
Ident. Nr: 111072
Writing System
Au585 / 14 Karat
Fountain Pen
Hand-crafted Au585 / 14 K gold nib with special 90 Years design
Fountain Pen with piston converter (allows optional use of ink cartridges)
Red gold-plated clip with individual serial number
Three red gold-plated rings embossed with Montblanc brand name
Rectangular gift box wrapped witha Meisterstück replica 1924 band
Black precious resin inlaid with Montblanc emblem
Black precious resin
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Meisterstück 90 Years
Black Resin & Gold
Black Resin & Platinum
Tribute to the Mont Blanc
Precious Gold Metal
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