School leavers

The Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) represents practical learning at the highest level. The demanding course of study prepares students for future management positions and culminates in the HSBA Bachelor of Science degree. Theoretical knowledge can be used immediately during the practical stage at Montblanc, and talents and aptitudes can be recognized early. Finding a job after completing this course is especially easy due to the network of contacts established and experience gained.

In the first year, students gain experience of all commercial departments such as distribution, purchasing, personnel, logistics, financial control and marketing. In the second and third years, students can focus on departments of their choice. Students also work for two weeks directly with customers in a Montblanc boutique in Germany. In the third year, they spend two months at a Montblanc location abroad.

Marie-Noelle S.

“Good mentoring and an excellent working environment in all departments makes the training unique.”

Marie-Noelle is nearing completion of her training at Montblanc and the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA). She found Montblanc to be just the right size of company for her – big enough to get to know every managerially important department but, in terms of staff numbers, small enough to feel that she soon belonged.

Johannes Z.

“Montblanc is my passion!”

Above all, Johannes embodies the passion that lies behind the Montblanc brand. For him, it is not only expressed in the tradition, values and history that underpin the company, but in each individual, timeless product.


Applicants should, in principle, have a broad breadth of understanding, indicated in the first instance by good marks in German, math and English. Vision is also essential, and a readiness to think outside the box and to engage socially. Open-mindedness and an interest in other cultures are self-evidently qualities expected by an international company.

But above all, the motivation, enthusiasm and performance of individual staff members explain why Montblanc is where it finds itself today, namely at the forefront of the international luxury goods industry.

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