The Development & Engineering division facilitates the entire creative process for all products, starting with feasibility studies on the latest materials and manufacturing processes, through the technical implementation of the draft designs, to batch production monitoring by Design Engineering.

The designers’ drafts are developed, evaluated and produced using the latest CAD/PDM tools. Based on this data, samples and prototypes are produced in the technical laboratory. The 3D and 2D data from the technical development process serve as a basis for the next stage, in which all simulations and calculations for the tool design and construction are carried out, and all the operational and manufacturing resources assembled.

The Development & Engineering department works closely with the various manufacturing departments and is responsible for the entire technical support process of the various projects and suppliers.

Technical understanding, especially of complex relationships and their implementation, and the ability to cooperate across departments are essential qualities for meeting the demands of high product and quality standards.

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Quality Management
Artisan Atelier