Category Management

Category Management is responsible for the success of the four product lines that the luxury goods manufacturer, Montblanc, currently produces: writing instruments, watches, jewelry and leather goods.

Its principal task consists in ensuring healthy growth and image enhancement of the brand by means of targeted product development and product range management. In so doing, it is essential to nurture and strengthen the unique origin of the brand in the culture of writing, and at the same time build bridges to the three other product categories.

The day-to-day business dictates classic product management tasks: from managing the life-cycle of the existing portfolio to defining new products, along with the demands of target groups, product ranges, costs, sales price, distribution, production quantities and marketing at sales points. New developments are managed from the ideas stage to market launch by means of a system-based project tool.

Within the company, Category Management adopts a staff function and brings together all other specialist fields in a product-related fashion.

Key factors for success in Category Management are market knowledge, an affinity with luxury, a distinct aesthetic sensitivity along with a business and entrepreneurial approach. Cross-cultural and interdisciplinary skills and an ability to grasp the overview, as well as an eye for detail, complete the profile.

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