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There is an abundance of thoughts, associations and resolutions related to a new year. A transition, a new beginning. Like crossing a threshold. There are multiple possibilities at hand for engaging with this season of transition, and being at this threshold can be liberating. Every year we are given a chance to explore a foreign, yet familiar land. A territory we can seize and make our own. At the end of the year, we take time to reflect, feeling a sense of completion and an awareness of accomplishment. In this way, we are able to make empowering resolutions for the New Year that feel inspiring and exciting.


Name: Frederik, Occupation: Aspiring producer, Workspace: The Lab, Copenhagen, Type: Trendsetter

Doing less, but achieving more. The counterintuitive New Year’s plan.

Acknowledging the threshold ahead sharpens our focus on striving to achieve our objectives. Writing it down gives it even more resonance. Trendsetter and aspiring producer Frederik always carries a notebook with him, so that he is prepared to jot down his immediate thoughts and ideas when on the go. In it he has noted down three resolutions, organized into three tiers. The first is an easy one to implement immediately – stand up while working. Tier two concerns digitalizing work and getting a new website up and running. He thinks big for the third one, and wants to find collaborators and new opportunities outside Denmark. In the New Year, Frederik also wants to focus on using his time efficiently. He believes that he will achieve more if he plans out his work days. At the office he enjoys being inspired by his surroundings and how his work location draws in so many different people.

Routines rather than resolutions. Established patterns of activities redesigned.

A new year might offer the promise of great things. They can be small changes, resulting in a fresh mindset with positive outlooks on what is to come. Journalist and food enthusiast Anton values coherence, and strives to maintain his routines, both at work and in private. As a journalist, he regularly manifests his voice and opinions through writing. A familiar routine, which has been redesigned numerous times, is reading the newspaper and noting down key points and quotes from the articles. To Anton, this classic way of archiving inspires him to create, and it adds an element of purpose and meaning to his own endeavors. As a food enthusiast, Anton strives to keep up a healthy, nutritious lifestyle and aspires to cook a hearty meal every evening. He is certain that taking the time to exploit his culinary talents is precisely what fuels his work.

Name: Anton, Occupation: Writer and food enthusiast, Work location: Nomad Workspace, Copenhagen, Type: Classic

The table wiped clean. A transition made visual.

When one works in a creative field encompassing functionality and wellbeing, the New Year is one of the best invitations to declutter, reboot and start afresh. Architect and minimalist Nis likes to greet the New Year with a clean, organized desk and work environment that entices him to take new projects on board. On the agenda for crossing the magic threshold is a focus on drawing and visually depicting new, original ideas. He is keen on challenging himself, by allowing his professionalism and knowledge to remain in the background, and instead letting the naivety of his sketches speak for themselves. Nis takes time out and detaches himself completely from work during the holidays, which not only provides a time of abstraction but also motivates the architect to return to the office. He believes that routines started before the New Year can grow to become strong and feasible resolutions for a brighter and healthier year to come.

Name: Nis, Occupation: Architect, Workspace: RUBOW arkitekter, Copenhagen, Type: Minimalist