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“Summer is a magical season. Long gone are the winter days that push you out of bed and into the dark, before dragging you back into your warm home when it’s dark again. Now, everything has changed. The city emits pure energy and everyone in it breathes it in. Even the air smells different and everyone seems more light-hearted. My latest rush of summer-energy came last Friday when I grabbed my document case to head out to an important contract meeting. I had my car keys already at hand when the morning sun touched my face and I decided to walk to my appointment. My apartment is close to the city center, so almost all the big companies are in walking distance.

The city was rising and shining all around me. The bakeries and coffee shops were welcoming their first guests with fresh specialties, the little boutiques had put out their signs and some runners were enjoying the last hours before the big heat wave. While observing the scenery, I went over the last details for the upcoming meeting – until I almost ran into the very same contract partner I was supposed to meet in a few minutes. It turned out he had had the same idea of walking to work that day, so we walked the last mile together.

On the way there, the casual atmosphere gave us the chance to talk about informal things for the first time – our meetings before had all been filled with shop talk.

We instantly bonded, grabbed a coffee and entered the meeting room together, where our respective partners awaited us. Needless to say, the meeting was a complete success. The morning sun dispensed some of its finest vitamin D.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere, it took us several hours to get out of that meeting room. Too many contract details had to be weighed with care. So when I left the building, the sun was already low in the sky and I decided not to head over to my own office. Instead, I ended the day as I had started it: in the same relaxed fashion that had brought me success in the morning.

I gave my assistant a quick call and canceled all further meetings, then went home to put on a more casual outfit and some fresh scent. A friend of mine had gone to a bar opening that night, where I caught up with him and some of my oldest companions.

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The bartender served an excellent gin and tonic and after a few drinks, one of us – I think it was John – asked:

‘By the way, when was the last time you guys saw Tom?’ Tom was a close friend of our group, but he had moved to another city three years ago. Most of us work long hours and spend the rest of the time with our families, so it was quite hard to stay in contact. ‘Must be more than a year now,’ I replied. ‘That’s way too long, guys,’ John stated and we all agreed.

What can I say? The next morning, we met at the airport gate and not one of us was a no-show. Tom’s face changed from perplexed to stunned to enthusiastic when we rang his doorbell two hours later. It was a happy reunion with lots of old stories, followed by a legendary night in which we created some new ones. All this thanks to the spontaneity that summer had awakened in us.”

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