It is recommended to clean your Montblanc jewellery by hand with lukewarm water and a toothbrush. After, rinse it with fresh water and use a soft cloth to dry it immediately to avoid any stains. Never use a heating device.

Care Recommendations

It is recommended to take off jewellery, especially rings, during household chores or gardening. Furthermore, chlorine, especially at high temperatures, may permanently damage or discolour your Montblanc jewellery. Please avoid all contact with salty water, soap, cosmetic products, fragrances, hairspray as well as corrosive or solvent based cleaning agents. Please avoid wearing your Montblanc jewellery to the beach, swimming pool, hot tub or to play sports in order to protect it from any damage.

It is necessary to acknowledge the varying characteristics of precious metals and stones during the cleaning process. In the following, please refer to the different materials and their specific handling.

Sterling Silver

Tarnishing of silver jewellery is a natural effect of sterling silver and cannot be fully avoided.

It is recommended to clean silver jewellery with a silver polishing cloth and on a regular basis in an ultrasonic bath. Montblanc offers this as a standard service free of charge. Please use the Montblanc Store Locator  to find a boutique, authorised retailer and jeweller nearest to you.


It is recommended to have your piece of Montblanc gold or platinum piece of jewellery serviced on a regular basis. Montblanc offers a cleaning service in an ultrasonic bath free of charge. For a more thorough cleaning, Montblanc offers a polishing service performed by one of our goldsmiths to recover the original brilliance and shine.

Please be kindly informed that for polishing in case of white gold jewellery pieces rhodium-plating is already included in the service.


It is recommended to clean your Montblanc jewellery adorned with pearls with a damp cloth to carefully wipe the pearls. After, use a soft cloth to dry it.


After cleaning Montblanc jewellery adorned with wood, moisturise the wood with a drop or two of mineral or almond oil on a cotton sponge. After applying the oil, let absorb, then wipe it off. Please make sure the silver does not come in contact with the oil.


Avoid contact with cosmetic products or fragrances which may affect the product’s softness and elasticity. Please do not use any strong chemical cleaning agent on your jewellery which contains rubber inlays. Please avoid scratches or cuts on the rubber as this may cause the material to break.


Please avoid wearing your Montblanc jewellery with magnets while sunbathing, showering or when engaged in sports. Avoid contact with cosmetic products and fragrances. Montblanc jewellery with magnets should not be used during pregnancy or while nursing an infant, by children or by persons fitted with pacemakers, defibrillator, implanted insulin pumps, transdermal drug delivery patches or other electro-medical devices. This product also should not be used in the vicinity of high voltage machinery or cables. The magnetic field emitted by this product may affect data stored on credit cards, mobile phones, personal digital assistants or video/audio tapes. The magnetic field emitted by this product may also affect the proper functioning of mechanical and quartz watches and shall, therefore, not be worn or stored in their vicinity. This product is not a toy and should be well kept out of the reach of children. This product is not sold as a medical device and does not replace any professionally prescribed medical treatment.


If it is knocked or dropped accidentally, resin, just like any other precious material, tends to develop fine cracks or may even tear. Please do not put jewellery with a resin component into an ultrasonic bath, in a silver bath or in contact with other strong chemicals.


Lacquer surface will show damages if not correctly handled, taken care of or kept. Lacquer is not a metal and, therefore, not as resistant to scratches as other precious metals.


It is recommended to handle your diamonds with care to maintain the lifetime of their brilliance. Avoid contact with chemical products such as fragrances and detergents as these substances will tarnish precious stones. Never use a heating device. Lastly, please be sure to check the stones regularly by one of our goldsmiths to ensure they are still securely set. Please use the Montblanc Store Locator  to find a boutique, authorised retailer and jeweller nearest to you.

Gemstones/Precious Stones

Gemstones are very sensitive and may change their colour if not properly treated. Gemstones should not be exposed to sunlight for extended periods as they will fade (e.g. aquamarines, amethysts and rose quartzes become pale under strong sunlight).

Storage of your Montblanc Jewellery

It is recommended to keep your Montblanc jewellery in a jewellery pouch in a dry place without being  exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity. In areas of humid climate it is recommended to place de-moisturizing crystals (e.g. silica gel) with the jewellery pieces.

All Montblanc necklaces should lie flat to avoid any bending. In general, jewellery may not be placed atop each other in a box, pouch or drawer.