Care Recommendations

Leather is a natural product which is sensitive to the effects of light, humidity and water. To keep your Montblanc leather product in perfect condition, it is best to protect it from prolonged exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight to prevent the colour from fading. In case of contact with water it should be dried promptly with a soft, smooth cloth. To maintain its natural softness, we recommend that your leather product is treated with a neutral leather care product such as the Montblanc set for leather care.

Important Note
Please do not use regular shoe polish, other leather care or abrasive material on your Montblanc leather product.

Scratches of the leather surface make it easier for water to penetrate the material. Relatively natural leather is more prone to this than embossed or coated leather.

Montblanc leather products can be serviced by a Montblanc service center. Please use the Montblanc Stoe Locator  to find a boutique, authorised retailer and jeweller nearest to you.

Python/Karung Skin

Python skin in light natural colour is usually characterised by a yellow tarnishing which shows the natural aging of the product. Python as well as Karung skin is particularly sensitive to scratches and, therefore, we recommend to take in the product for service as soon as possible to prevent further damage.  

Deer Leather

Deer leather used in our collection is a very soft and delicate skin and, therefore, we recommend to prevent it from being scratched.

Storage of your Montblanc Leather Product

It is recommended to keep your Montblanc leather product in a dry and dark space in the provided dust bag. Please kindly note that storage conditions such as high temperatures, strong light or high humidity can generate different undesired effects on your leather product like discoloration or deformation.