Crafted by Hand & Tradition

Montblanc Haute Horlogerie Watchmaker At Work close-up

Every handmade masterpiece that leaves the workshops of Villeret requires a perfect command of watchmaking skills, a trained eye and an intuitive understanding of a watch’s soul. The large high-inertia balance wheel, the most important part of the watch, is made entirely in-house. Very few watchmakers possess the level of skill required for such precise work. Even the sensitive balance spring needed to regulate the balance wheel's oscillation is likewise manufactured and adjusted by hand in the company’s workshops. Before the movement finally comes to life, the “régleur” makes minuscule adjustments by hand to the wheel trains to ensure the accuracy of the watch’s rate in any position – a process that can take several hours.

The diamond-set timepieces in the Montblanc collections are examples of master craftsmanship at its best. They combine precious metals and exquisite ornamentation to create watches with the bewitching allure of fine jewellery.