Frequently Asked Questions

Montblanc Augmented Papaer FAQ Montblanc Fine Stationery Rouge & Noir Notebook Close-Up

1.1 set-up

How do I connect my Augmented Paper to my device?

First, make sure that your device has Bluetooth® smart technology enabled. Then, download and open the Montblanc Hub app from your device's app store. The Montblanc Hub app will guide you through the pairing process for your Bluetooth® enabled iOS or Android™ devices. For more information, visit

How do I charge my Augmented Paper?

Charge your Augmented Paper by using the included USB cable and plugging it into your computer or any other USB charger.

Are there any online tutorials or videos I can access to help?

Yes, to learn more about the Augmented Paper, visit our getting started page.


1.2 Writing Instrument

Can I use my own pen or other writing instrument?

It is necessary to use the StarWalker writing instrument that comes with the Augmented Paper. It contains technology that communicates with the Augmented Paper.

Will the StarWalker writing instrument work as a stylus on my other devices?

The StarWalker writing instrument will not work as a stylus on other devices. It is only meant to be used with the Augmented Paper and using it as a stylus with other devices could cause damage.

Can I use my Augmented Paper StarWalker with another Augmented Paper?

Yes, you can use your corresponding StarWalker with another Augmented Paper.

What is the difference between the Augmented Paper StarWalker and the normal analog one?

The Augmented Paper StarWalker contains passive technology that allows your handwriting to be registered in the Augmented Paper. Therefore, it is not possible to disassemble it or to screw it apart to change the refill. Please visit for information about how to change the refill.


1.3 Notebook

Is special paper needed to use the Augmented Paper?

We recommend using the Montblanc Augmented Paper Notebook with A5 paper (5.8 x 8.3 in) which will guarantee the proper functioning of your Augmented Paper. However, you may use other types of paper as long as they are not thicker than 50 pages. To purchase Montblanc Augmented Paper Notebooks, go to

Where can I find the notebook?

For accessories including notebooks and other product options, go to

Can I use the back of the paper?

Yes, you can use the back side of your paper, as long as it covers the active area of the Augmented Paper.


1.4 Ink Refill

How do I change the ink refill?

Your Augmented Paper comes with a tweezers, a nib removal tool. Use the tweezers to pull your ink cartridge out. To refill your ink, simply insert another cartridge in the tip and push to make sure it stays in.

How long does the ink last?

One Augmented Paper pen ink cartridge lasts approximately 3 months with moderate note taking.

Where can I buy a refill?

For ink refills, accessories and other product options, go to

Are the ink refills unique to the Augmented Paper?

The ink refills that come with the Augmented Paper have been optimized to function with the Augmented Paper. The quality fo the product cannot be guaranteed if using any D1 refill.

Does the Augmented Paper have different color ink refills?

Yes, the Augmented Paper also comes with blue ink. To purchase visit your boutique or wholesale or go to


1.5 Compatibility

Which devices can be used with the Augmented Paper?

Android™ smartphones or tablets with an operating system 4.4 or later, and iOS devices like an iPhone or iPad, with an operating system 8 or later. For a complete list of compatible devices, please visit

How can I check if my Android smartphone or tablet will work with Augmented Paper?

To check compatibility, go to the Google Play Store from your smartphone or tablet and look for the Montblanc Hub app. If it is listed, then your device is supported.

Does the Augmented Paper work with Microsoft Windows system?

No, the Augmented Paper is not compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Can I use my Augmented Paper with multiple devices?

Yes, you can use your Augmented Paper with different devices as long as the device is compatible. (See our compatibility list at However, you can only connect the Augmented Paper to one device at a time. It is possible to install and use the Montblanc Hub app on multiple devices although you will not be able to sync your notes across devices.

Can I use the Augmented Paper with my computer?

No, you cannot directly use the Augmented Paper with your computer. However, from the app you can upload your notes to your cloud service. Once in the cloud, you can access your files in text, JPEG, PNG or PDF format from any device, like your computer for example.


1.6 App

How much does the Montblanc Hub app cost?

The Montblanc Hub app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Do the Montblanc Screenwriters work with the Montblanc Hub app?

Yes, you can use the Montblanc Screenwriters to navigate in the app and edit your notes.

Can I edit my pages?

You can edit your pages with the Montblanc Hub app on your iOS or Android device, or export your notes to work on them from another device. There are a variety of editing features within the Montblanc Hub app. You can split pages, combine pages as well as draw and delete content.

How do I organize my pages?

Your pages are automatically organized by date and time. You can further tag your notes to be able to organize them according to contents.

Can I search my files?

Yes, in the Montblanc Hub app, you can search for a part of, or the entire tags that you have made. You can also search for part of words or entire sentences in your handwritten notes.

Can I recover deleted notes?

No, you cannot recover deleted notes in the Montblanc Hub app.

How do I share or export my notes?

You can export or share notes from the Montblanc Hub app. Your notes can be exported in a variety of single-layer file formats including text, JPG, PNG, PDF or WILL (Wacom Ink Language Layer).

Which file formats does the app support?

The Montblanc Hub app creates WILL (Wacom Ink Language Layer) files which can be exported as text, JPG, PNG or PDF files.

Does the app have handwriting to text recognition?

Yes, in the app you can export your handwritten notes as digital text. Supported languages are: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Russian, Portuguese and Arabic.

What languages does the Montblanc Hub app support?

The Montblanc Hub app supports English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

How do I change the language in the app?

To change the language in the app, go to the settings menu on your device and change your device language.

How do I know the Augmented Paper is paired to the app?

Having a green or blue LED lights does not indicate that the Augmented Paper is paired to a device. Green and Blue only indicate content status. To check if the Augmented Paper is connected to your Montblanc Hub app, in the app, go to Settings, Device and if connected, your device will be listed there.


1.7 Using Augmented Paper

What is the active area on my Augmented Paper?

The active area on the Augmented Paper is the writing or drawing area where the pen is detected. This area is roughly the size of A5 paper.

Can I write all the way to the edges and corners of the paper?

Yes, as long as all writing is captured within the active area of the Augmented Paper you can write to the edges and corners of the paper.

How long does it take to transfer my notes from my Augmented Paper to the app?

Transfer speeds from the Augmented Paper to the Montblanc Hub app vary depending on a number of factors including the number of pages stored, the kind of content on each page and the type of device being used

Do I have to use my tablet or smartphone when using my Augmented Paper?

No, you do not need to have your device with you in order to use your Augmented Paper. The Augmented Paper has its own memory and can hold up to 100 pages before you need to transfer files to your device. You will know when the memory is full when both the blue and orange LEDs are illuminated.

When I get to the end of the page does it create a new one automatically?

No, you will need to press the ‘Page’ button in the middle to create a new page.

Will my Augmented Paper work if I use a ruler or straightedge?

Yes, but only use a plastic ruler as a metal ruler will interfere with the functionality of your Augmented Paper.

Do I have to use the Montblanc Hub app to use Augmented Paper?

Yes, the Montblanc Hub app is necessary to transfer your notes to another device.

How long before Augmented Paper goes into sleep mode?

Augmented Paper goes into sleep mode after 15 minutes.

How I can wake up my Augmented Paper?

Press the "Page" button in the middle.

How long does the battery in the Augmented Paper last?

For normal use the battery will last about one week. For continuous use the battery will last about 8 hours.

Will my handwriting be registered if the Augmented Paper is turned off or if there is no battery left?

Your handwriting will not be registered by the Augmented Paper if it is turned off or if there is no battery left or if it is in sleep mode. These notes will only be available for you on paper in the notebook.