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Anne & Patrick Poinier

French artists Anne & Patrick Poirier (both b. 1942) have been working together since the late 1960s. Their fictional archaeological ruins and mythological landscapes have ensured international recognition in the art community for the couple, who live in Lourmarin in Provence. The Poiriers collect and visually represent traces of the past, objects and memories of historical relevance that also contain a personal connection. “We believe that memory and cultural knowledge are the foundation for all understanding among individuals and societies” is how the artists, who have repeatedly shown their work at the Biennale di Venezia, describe their creative concern. In their work “Homage to Aby Warburg” for Montblanc, referring to the cultural science collection of Hamburg art historian Aby Warburg (1866–1929), they designed a “Memoria Mundi”, a visualized cultural memory projected onto a Mappa-Mundi-like disc. For the Montblanc Art Bags series, in 2002 Anne & Patrick Poirier designed the sculpture “Demain le soleil rouge se levera aussi sur le mont blanc”, a memory of a personal experience of beauty and transience at the sight of Mont Blanc.

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