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Young Artist World Patronage

Since 2004 the Young Artist World Patronage project has given young and upcoming artists an international platform to present their artwork, name and talent to a broader audience and, in particular, to the art scene.

The concept is shown in more than 400 Montblanc boutiques worldwide transforming them into art galleries and exhibition centers for contemporary art. Each single Artist receives the extraordinary opportunity to present one particular artwork for a period of almost six weeks, simultaneously all over the world. The main theme for all artworks is the creative interpretation of the world-famous Montblanc star. These individual interpretations will be reproduced and exhibited in the windows of the Montblanc boutiques. Each work of art also becomes part of the “Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection” at the Montblanc headquarters in Germany – one of the various Montblanc initiatives to support contemporary art. Furthermore, it demonstrates the brand’s overall commitment as well as contribution to art and culture.

From 2014 on, an artist chosen by an international jury will be creating one artwork which will be exhibited in all Montblanc boutique windows worldwide from April to May. The artwork will be customized to fit different infrastructures of the boutiques. The idea is to dominate Montblanc’s visual appearance and strengthen Montblanc’s image as a brand of art and culture.

  • Pablo Alonso

  • Viktoria Binschtok

  • Jose Leon Cerillo

  • FriendsWithYou

  • Atsushi Kaga

  • Jeff Lutonsky

  • Yudi Noor

  • Gitte Schaefer

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Open  Arts & Culture Overview

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