Pablo Alonso

A sense of veiled insight and meaning, both obscured and revealed by layers of paint and imagery, characterizes the works of Pablo Alonso (b. 1969) – a Spanish artist whose oeuvre spans paintings, installations, sculptures and paper constructions. His aesthetic was shaped early on in his career by the practice of pouring layers of paint over the canvas while turning and tilting the surface to control the flow. The Berlin-based artist examines historic and media-sourced images and symbols in his themed series of oversize black-and-white paintings, incorporating the images collage-style into his profound art. In these works, enigmatic mutant beings emerge from behind black smudges, white streaks mask historical etchings of the sexual fantasies by Marquis de Sade and an American flag dissolves over a press photo of an execution squad. Alonso challenges our preconceptions even further when he departs from traditional artistic media. He has been known to deform traffic markings on the street with asphalt, as well as deliberately open or close gallery windows and doors to our gaze to achieve his desired effect. In "Montblanc Stern", Alonso plays with our perception of foreground and background by spraying with black and red ink an intricate formation created by the contours and surfaces of overlapping logos.

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