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Patron of Art Edition 2012 Joseph II - Italy

Renzo Piano is the winner of the Italian Montblanc de La Culture Arts Patronage Award, with which, since 1992, the Montblanc Cultural Association has been assuring international recognition for those who dedicate time and energy to artistic and cultural projects.

Montblanc has rewarded the famous architect for his Renzo Piano Foundation, which, for a number of years, has been a stepping stone for new generations entering the world of architecture. Renzo Piano was selected by an international panel of prominent judges, including the famous opera singer Placido Domingo, the Russian orchestra conductor Valery Gergieve, and the young star of Italian cinema, Isabella Ragonese. Other panel members included expert architects and designers such as Patricia Urquiola and Fabio Novembre.

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Open  Arts & Culture Overview

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