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Hi, I’m Mike – photography lover, full-time levitation extraordinaire and all-round nice guy – or at least I like to think so. I also suffer from a condition found increasingly frequent in young adults like me – an insatiable hunger for travel and exploration (or as Tumblr likes to call it, Wanderlust). When I am not busy levitating in picturesque hidden gems I find on my travelling adventures, you can find me in the bustling city center of London. Here, I keep myself busy with activities that, albeit slightly less superhuman, I still do passionately – I work in advertising.


Waking up from a good night's rest in the comfort of your own bed after a long vacation, only to realize that you might need another one... A post-vacation vacation is probably what many people feel that they need when they realize how much has to be done once they're back to normality at home. It may well have been a fun-filled vacation with new memories to keep but getting back on track is hard work on its own. At least, that’s how it is for me. I also feel this way after every weekend. Monday mornings are the hardest because I am always thinking about the hectic schedule I have lined up for the week. I look at my watch and realize I'm running late for work, and have to jump out of bed to get ready as quickly as I can. On my way out, I check the time again, grab my briefcase and get right into the day with a quick stop at the coffee shop downstairs for a take-out doughnut to eat en route to work. The thought of how I'd managed to completely lose track of time during the past two weeks away is bittersweet. Living off the clock without having to think about much of anything was amazing, but I am glad to be back on the go and getting life done, with my watch keeping me on time for the meetings and social gatherings I had planned for the week.

At the office, I am greeted warmly and welcomed back by my colleagues, who are excited to hear all about my experiences. I hand out the souvenirs I had gotten them and make myself a cup of coffee before going to my desk. Taking a stretch on my chair, I smile - it actually feels great to be back after such an inspiring time away from home. I feel energized and ready to get work done. However, just two hours into my work, I start wishing I could take another vacation. Nostalgia starts to kick in, and I decide to treat myself to a 10-minute break. I get out the notebook that I used to document my adventures during my trip and read through the thoughts and experiences I had while I was away. Feeling inspired and motivated again, I get back to work. Soon, I'm on a roll and time is passing faster than I realize.

During lunch, I update my colleagues about my travels over some burgers at our favorite fast-food joint nearby. My stories and photos are of light-hearted, unforgettable moments, and I am thrilled to be able to share them with my friends. They love their souvenirs and hearing my stories. The things I had seen while I was away were life-changing. What I saw motivates me, and I find I am inspired to apply myself much more creatively inside and outside work. I have a completely new perspective on life and feel refreshed and energized, as if I could change the world. These are my moments of summer, recorded in my notebook for me to keep and live by. It was truly an adventure like no other, one that I can only wish my loved ones could experience for themselves.