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“You know the best destination to travel to? Nowhere. You just start somewhere on our big, beautiful planet and see where the road takes you. No hotel awaits your arrival at an assigned check-in time, no flight with a predetermined schedule and most importantly: no idea of what’s coming. Just the thrill of unseen places and uncertain events. The thrill of sheer freedom. I’ve been on that road to nowhere for two weeks now and so far it has taken me to places you won’t find in any travel guide. It all started one day before my holidays were supposed to begin. The weeks before had been packed with business appointments and social engagements and I had found no time to think about what I wanted to do.

So I asked myself: Why does everything always need to involve big plans? At some point in our lives, we all dream of doing this one, adventurous road trip. A legendary adventure that takes years of planning and preparation so everything will be simply perfect.

But does it really need to be perfect? Surely the fun of a road trip is exactly those imperfect moments that will be remembered forever? Why only dream of doing it? Do it now, I decided, and with a sudden rush of adrenalin, I grabbed my backpack and took only the things I absolutely needed with me. ID, cash, cards, toiletries – and some writing equipment to note down all my experiences.


The next morning, the sun sent down its first light and I enjoyed the warm breeze as I drove my convertible out of the city. Then I came to the first crossroads. Where to now? Did I really have to choose a destination to take only ten minutes after leaving home? My hand reached for the navigation system in the glove box…but no! No way I was giving up so easily! Instead, I took my pen out of my jacket and spun it on the car’s dashboard. When it stopped, the pen’s tip pointed left and I followed its advice.

From there on, that was my way of choosing directions and it led me through villages where time seemed to have stopped a long time ago. Through industrial areas that had their own beauty with rusty, surreal cranes that reached for the sky. Through landscapes of endless woods, followed by flower fields that stretched to the horizon and through grasslands in all shades of green. And finally, just as the sun set, I found myself at a cliff, looking at the glorious play of red, orange and yellow that reflected from the sea and I decided to rest there for the night. No guest house in sight, just the stars above and the warm summer air around me.

The next morning, someone knocked at the car window. A young couple had put up their tent just 50 meters away to enjoy the same breath taking view and asked if I wanted to share breakfast with them. At first I was sceptical – breakfast with strangers? –, but I quickly reminded myself that I was on an adventure and we shared some delicious bread and an outstanding sausage that they had brought from France. They were from overseas and while my road trip was just beginning, their tour through Europe had found its end. One experience they talked about most excitedly were the pine roads in Northern Italy, so I had to promise them to forget my unconventional way of navigating for a while and head there next.

They were the first among a vast diversity of people I met on my journey. Some weird, some wild, but all incredibly nice - and everyone had a new recommendation that brought me to another secret hot-spot.

At that point of my journey, I learned that the greatest wonders could be found at even the most inconspicuous places and I realised:

These places are not nowhere. They are everywhere. You can find them in Tuscany as well as in Norway. In Canada and in South Africa. You can find them just outside New York, Berlin, London or any metropolis. You just have to keep your eyes open during the part that counts: the journey itself.”


Road - trip ahead? Here are some inspirations for the way:

Montblanc Extreme Rucksack
Made of leather in a subtle woven carbon look, this robust rucksack will even endure bumpy road conditions. For comfortable interior organisation it features several pockets, including compartments for your laptop and mobile phone.

Montblanc Nightflight Toiletry Bag
A voyage-proof bag for your personal hygiene, made of nylon fabric with fine rib structure and resistant to stains, water and scratches.

Montblanc Nightflight Passport Holder
Made for all international passports, this water, stain and scratch-resistant essential will endure your travels perfectly.

Legend Spirit Eau de Toilette
As fresh as the air in your convertible: A woody, aromatic scent that captures a virile, intense and textural freshness.

Montblanc Fine Stationery Notebook
A worthy place for your memories: Manufactured in Italy, this leather notebook takes your mind on its own journey.

Montblanc M Rollerball
When lines flow into one another like the roads ahead, it is Montblanc M, a writing instrument made of black precious resin.

Montblanc Classic
Above you: only the sun. Above these timeless sunglasses: almost nothing.

Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum
No matter how far away from home you are: this perfected piece tells the time in 24 time zones and additionally indicates how day and night evolve all over the world.