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They are as global as love itself: Fashion and lifestyle bloggers from Valencia, Milan and Berlin write about their ultimate Valentine’s Day experiences.


Ricarda Schernus (@catsanddogsblog) Berlin based fashion & lifestyle influencer

That one time during Valentine’s Day...

Aren’t you lucky, sweetheart, that your birthday is only one day before Valentine’s Day? You lovely February child, what a typical Aquarius you are - wild and free, but with the biggest heart on this earth.

After a lovely dinner on my man’s birthday’s eve, I wake him up on the morning of the 14th in his most favourite way: with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and croissants from the Parisian café around the corner from our home. We have breakfast in bed while talking about anything and nothing, cuddling until mid-day. We are lucky to be freelancers, no office to go to if we choose not to.
After that long, slow start into the day, he surprises me with my freshly washed bicycle and we ride our bikes out into the country. The sun is shining while the fresh February air is breezing around us and we stop at our favourite spot by the river. We sit there with hot tea and biscuits for hours, walk along the river bank and simply enjoy the time spent together.
After a long day, we cook our favourite dinner together. He’s the one who deals with the meat, while I cut the vegetables. We have a romantic dinner at home and finish it off with our favourite romantic movies. What a sweet day, and only one day after his birthday. I wish it was Valentine’s Day on every day of the year. Or is it? It’s all about what we make of it!

Anna Devís Benet (@anniset) Valencia based creative influencer:

February 14th is a very special date for my family. My grandparents married on that exact day, as did my parents some years later. I don’t know if I’m supposed to keep the tradition alive, but for me it is one more reason why this is a day to celebrate love and happiness… But we have such high expectations for Valentine’s Day! We want glamorous dinners under the moonlight, red rose petals strewn over the bed and scented candles placed throughout the house. We want this day to be as perfect and magical as it is in books and movies. But we forget that sometimes it is the little things in life which make a big difference.

Due to my work, my daily routine is always away from home. My job is to come up with crazy ideas and to bring to life funny concepts through my photography, and in order to achieve that I need to take risks, live outside and travel the world. There’s no time to stay at home! That’s why I can’t imagine a better gift for me than a well deserved break with my valentine… There is no need to go out, if you’re staying in with the one you love. Having breakfast in bed, getting up late and staying under the blankets all day sounds like a delicious plan to me. Come the end of the day, who needs to eat in a fancy restaurant when you’re sticking to a romantic popcorn diet?

Lisa-Marie Mewes (@jimsandkittys) Milan based fashion & lifestyle influencer:

14th Feb - Valentines Day – love is in the air! Everywhere, all around the globe. Every year - over and over again - we all get super-duper excited about that most perfect and of course most romantic day. Because everyone does it and it has to be T-H-E date of all dates. What do I wear? Where do we go for dinner? What will be the most perfect gift for my better half? What can I arrange to make it even more amazing than last year? Everything has to be perfect and as romantic as possible, no matter what... Luckily we both share the same vision about this oh-so-popular day. No fancy dinners and no kitschy roses - but that doesn’t mean romance is dead. We are very romantic, just in a very different way. A hotel breakfast with fluffy pancakes, eggs benedict, good coffee and pure white sheets sounds perfect and like a pretty good plan. No fancy dinner?! Well, sometimes we should forget about our fancy 9pm dinner reservations and just stuff ourselves full of pancakes. Because carbs make you even happier than you already are, don’t they? A breakfast date is our kind of date! We travel a lot and so our ideal Valentine’s Day date happens on the beach side of life, spending the afternoon with our feet in the sand, with a sandy picnic and bubbles. Salt life! Palm trees, a glass of rosé, carbs, cuddles, pure white sand between our toes and the waves. Waves that kiss the shore, because there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline. May sound kitschy but isn’t Valentine’s Day all about being kitschy, whether you want it to be romantic or not, everything seems to be pink on that day, doesn’t it?