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The birthplace of countless creative luminaries, New York is where ideas collide and thrive. This episode of The Library Spirit campaign celebrates the ‘city that never sleeps’ through the lens of two unique literary spaces; the New York Public Library, renowned for its exceptional collection of books and maps, plus the intimate space of a modern West Village loft. Discover the Montblanc style expression that mirrors this city’s dynamic energy.

“Stepping into the streets of New York is like diving into a sea of boundless energy and unbridled creativity. It’s the place every creative mind wants to experience because it is the birthplace of so many ground-breaking and culture-shaping ideas. This episode is particularly compelling because the ethos of Montblanc and New York have so much in common – the pioneering mindset that drives Montblanc innovation also drives New Yorkers to set new standards with audacious and fearless thinking.” – Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc Creative Director


The campaign spotlights the versatile Extreme 3.0 collection. Defined by its striking pattern and bold M LOCK 4810 buckles, pieces have been meticulously crafted to complement and elevate our everyday life, be it work, sport, or exploring new cities.

Connected to the written word, the distinctive pattern draws inspiration from the Montblanc archive, plus the formation of lines drawn while trying out a Meisterstück.

“The thing I liked was recreating a continuity between these symbols,” says Creative Director Marco Tomasetta. “As if the fountain pen had left its mark on the leather.”

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