Discover - Limited Editions collection

Individual expression is rooted in the culture of writing - as is Montblanc. The conceptual foundation of our Collector Lines is to promote the art, culture, and the personalities who left their mark. Created fom selected materials and shaped by highly skilled master craftsmen with incredible care and meticulous dedication, these writing instruments make it possible for their proud owners to cherish the will of the titans of culture to shape our shared narrative.


The Patron of Art Editions are a range of fountain pens that focus on the promoters and advocates that helped to cultivate some of the most influential artistic movements. Issued annually since 1992, every Patron of Art Edition since 1995 has been available in two limited versions: as Limitation 4810, named after the height of Mont Blanc, as Limitation 888, named in honour of the number eight - considered throughout Asia to be a lucky number.


Indisputably, one of mankind's greatest achievements was in the invention of the written word and the centuries of literary canons that flourished in its wake - giving rise to the passions and perspectives that have echoed through the ages. Issued annually since 1992, Montblanc's Writers Edition pays homage to the distinguished authors who expanded our literary horizons and shaped entire eras and cultural movements.


With the Great Characters Editions, the Maison acknowledges those who left an indelible mark on our common history. From Gandhi to Einstein and Lennon to Warhol, these exceptional individuals profoundly changed the way we view our world. Montblanc celebrates these Great Characters with exclusive, limited edition writing instruments expressing their unique contributions to humanity through exquisite craftsmanship.


The nature of symbolism is inextricably intertwined with our own historical perception. In light of this, the Montblanc Signs & Symbols collection tells the stories of the signs from the world of Eastern myths and legend. Composed of two lines, "The Legend of Zodiacs" is inspired by the Chinese zodiac sign of the year to come, while "A Journes amond Dragons" pays homage to the immense prowess of mythical creatures.


From Marlene Dietrich to Marilyn Monroe, the Montblanc Muses pay tribute to the women who have left their mark on today's culture and society. Each edition reflects the muse's unique characterisitcs through throughtful design details such as the clip, colour, material or precious stone.


The Donation Pens spotlight figures from the world of classical music whilst making an important donation to carefully selected cultural projects. Each of these special editions reflect their namesake - Johan Sebastian Bach, Herbert von Karajan, and Johannes Brahms, to name but a few - through their unique design and nib engraving.