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Lisa Petersen

Manager Surface Engineering

Meet Lisa, our surface engineering expert. For over three years already she's the guardian of our writing instruments' sparkling allure, ensuring they dazzle in boutiques just as you'd wish and expect. Lisa's fascination for our iconic Meisterstück is boundless. Working with its main components daily, fills her with pride, knowing she contributes to the legacy of writing excellence. Lisa's journey, stemming from the automobile industry, brings a unique perspective to Montblanc. She appreciates the blend of automation and craftsmanship that sets us apart – and at Montblanc, you’ll find the best of both worlds. In her leadership role, Lisa champions collaboration and knowledge sharing, breaking down silos for a brighter future. Because she envisions Montblanc with enhanced networking, streamlined processes, and endless room for innovation.
Montblanc's culture of personal growth is her passion, and she's eager to share it with you. Join Lisa in a career where every day offers new opportunities to thrive in a dynamic environment.

“I still find the Meisterstück incredibly fascinating, it's such an icon. It's something that almost everyone in the world has to recognise immediately, that has an incredible grace and beauty. And I work in the resin department here, which means I work with the main components of the Meisterstück on a daily basis.”

Matthieu Nolot

Director Sales Merchandising

This is Matthieu, a seasoned luxury connoisseur with over two decades of experience, originally hailing from the vibrant city of Paris, his journey brought him to the city of Hamburg. For Matthieu, luxury isn't defined by status or price tags – it's all about beautiful objects that tell a story. And what he appreciates about Montblanc is the artistry and craftsmanship behind every product, especially the dedication and knowledge of writing instruments. He's a firm believer in the emotional value of handwriting and is convinced it continues to be cherished for generations. Matthieu is driven by curiosity and sees great open-mindedness for transformation and development at Montblanc, making it an inspiring environment for newcomers.
For those aspiring to join Montblanc, Matthieu advises to delve into the brand's history and DNA, emphasizing the importance of understanding where it all began. Join Matthieu and our team for a fresh perspective on the luxury industry.

“Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I like the romanticism behind writing instruments. And luxury is all about emotion. I strongly believe that the writing instruments give much more emotion than a digital gadget.”

Maike Hussmann

Director Digital Experience & Operations

With remarkable nine-years at Montblanc, this digital expert has been on an electrifying adventure. Maike’s path has been a rollercoaster of growth, each twist and turn fuelling an insatiable appetite for learning.
From pioneering Social Coms to spearheading a complete global website redesign, she has been the digital Sherlock, solving mysteries and creating digital marvels. She even built Montblanc's digital data analytics capabilities from the ground up.
What keeps her passion ablaze? The power to shape client perception directly. She’s a firm believer in a culture that thrives on initiative, performance, and empowerment. She has strived to create a haven for her peers, a space where everyone can grow.
Montblanc has always been a partner, supporting her in every step of the way. But perhaps her proudest achievement is watching her Digital Experience & Operations team flourish into a powerhouse of creativity and collegial culture.
Working at Montblanc is like entering a world of craftsmanship and luxury standards that elevate the senses. Montblanc's brand equity is a force to be reckoned with, and colleagues from around the globe share a hands-on, make-it-happen attitude. Join Maike to craft digital excellence together!

“What motivates me is to have a direct impact on client perception and I strongly believe in and foster a culture that allows for initiative, performance and empowerment while providing a safe space for my colleagues.”

Bao Qi

Digital Learning Manager

Bao, originally from Singapore, has been weaving her Montblanc journey for five years. Currently based in Hamburg within Learning and Development, her path took her from Montblanc Southeast Asia and Oceania. When Bao first joined Montblanc, it felt like stepping into a warm embrace. She found a supportive and collaborative team that made her transition seamless. One unforgettable Montblanc moment saw Bao running late for a business flight. What followed was a whirlwind of teamwork – colleagues pitching in to help, creating a hectic yet memorable experience. And team spirit in Hamburg came just as naturally. For Bao, leaving a mark means making a positive impact on those she interacts with. Whether it's helping colleagues with their career development or brightening their day, her goal is to leave a mark of positivity. With that in mind, here’s Bao's advice to newcomers: Embrace the Montblanc journey. While it may seem overwhelming with diverse product categories and projects, the rewards far outweigh the challenges. The fulfilment is tangible, and every step is worth it. Join Bao and embark on your rewarding Montblanc adventure today!

“For me, leaving a mark would be making a positive impact on the people I interact with and hopefully I have done that in many ways, either to help with their career development or even just to brighten up their day.”

Anna Ross

Nib Expert

Anna, a vital part of Montblanc's Hamburg Headquarters since 2019 – her journey at Montblanc began with a desire for professional development. And that’s exactly what we could offer her: Learning from experienced colleagues who've been with the company for decades. Anna values their wisdom and the insights they've shared. She thrives in her close-knit team, especially during Bespoke Project 2.0, which allows customers to personalize nibs to their handwriting and add engravings or gemstone accents. Since Anna specializes in crafting our unique gold nibs, she played a crucial role in redefining and optimizing processes and workflows during this project.
Her passion lies in the variety of Montblanc's products, their quality, and the craftsmanship behind them. Every day brings a new creative adventure, as she contributes to the development of unique products. So, it’s no surprise that she’s committed to setting structures that enable the seamless implementation of new ideas from employees and colleagues.
For newcomers, Anna paints an exciting picture: a secure job in an international environment, a lot of promotion prospects and a deeply collegial culture. Montblanc is not just a place to work – it's a canvas for creative minds to flourish. Join Anna in doing so!

“I love the variety of products, the quality and the craftsmanship, a job that is very rare and therefore very exciting and special. Also, the creative expression of being involved in the development of other products within the spring production is amazing - and no two days are the same.”