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Montblanc Career


Before our products end up in the hands of discerning customers, they must first pass through the experienced hands of our experts. In our manufactures we transform wishes, ideas and visions into unique creations - and do so with precision and care, setting high standards with regard to the finest materials and timeless aesthetics, employing both high-performance technologies and hand-craftsmanship to unite competence and experience.

The high degree of vertical integration within our company means our products set their own standards. To take an example - the nibs for our writing instruments are hand-crafted in 35 different working phases. In addition, we have our Electroplating, Metalworking and Final Assembly departments which interact seamlessly with each other, supported by our own Tool Construction, Production Logistics and our Training Workshop.

Writing instruments from Hamburg, sophisticated leather goods from Florence, self-developed and manufactured watch movements from Le Locle and Villeret: our manufactures are always located wherever the expertise for each product category is most prevalent.

Writing Instruments

The production of high-quality writing instruments is a multifaceted job, spanning the initial technical drawings for tools through to final production. The individual components of a writing instrument go through departments such as metal-working, electro-plating, injection-moulding and nib manufacture, and finally come together to be hand-assembled.


Artisan Atelier

Fulfilling bespoke requirements with the precision, innovation and trust needed - that is what drives the roughly 60 specially trained employees at our Artisan Atelier. In close collaboration with our designers, our craftsmen develop and create unique items and very small series for customers as well as limited special editions such as the “Patron of Art“, “Masters of Meisterstück” and “Artisan Editions”.

But time is needed when such diligence is required. It can take up to three years before a 14-carat gold band and selected materials such as marble, wood or porcelain have been transformed into a unique item with a market price of up to €2.5 million or a strictly limited edition can be produced. The joy of beauty and perfection is another key mainspring which motivates tool mechanics, goldsmiths and gem setters at the Artisan Atelier when deploying their skills to create artistic products.


Leather Goods

Our leather goods are produced in the most famous leather region in the world, namely Florence. Traditional skills, expert craftsmanship, high quality and long-standing know-how are combined to create the finest luxury-quality leather goods.



A quiet place in the Jura mountains, Le Locle is one of the watchmaking centres of Switzerland. It was there that Montblanc Montre S.A. came into being, a Manufacture that produces its own movements, developed entirely in-house, as well as watches of utter technical and artistic perfection. Montblanc Villeret, which evolved from Minerva, devoted itself to “Haute Horlogerie”, the manufacture of the finest hand-made watches using Swiss tradition and the most up-to-date engineering skills.