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Take care of your accessories and learn more about the services we offer

Care Recommendations

Montblanc recommends removing jewellery, especially rings, during household chores and gardening. Please avoid contact with salty water, soap, cosmetic products, fragrances, hairsprays and corrosive or solvent-based cleaning agents. Substances such as chlorine may permanently damage or discolour your Montblanc jewellery, especially at high temperatures. Please avoid wearing your Montblanc jewellery to the beach, swimming pool, hot tub or playing sports in order to protect it from damage. Please be sure to have the stones’ settings checked regularly by one of our goldsmiths to ensure they are still securely set.

Precious metals and stones vary in their characteristics and handling needs. The following paragraphs outline the specific care recommendations for your individual product.

Important note:
Do not use an ultrasonic bath for jewellery with precious resin or natural components such as pearls, mother-of- pearl, wood, rubber or leather.

When your Montblanc jewellery is not worn, Montblanc recommends keeping it in the packaging provided (e.g. pouch or box), stored in a dry and dark space. Please note that high temperatures, strong light or high humidity may cause undesired changes in the material. In regions with high humidity, it is recommended that desiccating crystals (e.g. silica gel) are placed with the jewellery pieces.

All Montblanc necklaces should lie flat to avoid any bending. In general, pieces of jewellery should not be placed on top of one another in a box, pouch or drawer.

Sterling Silver
Tarnishing of sterling silver jewellery is a natural effect and cannot be fully avoided. Regular cleaning of silver jewellery with a silver polishing cloth is recommended. 

To preserve the beauty of your gold or platinum jewellery, dust and dirt should be removed by wiping it off with a damp cloth. Montblanc recommends having your piece of jewellery serviced on a regular basis. Montblanc provides a professional cleaning service in an ultrasonic bath. For more thorough cleaning, Montblanc offers a polishing service performed by one of our goldsmiths to recover the original brilliance and shine of your product. Especially for gold jewellery, having it polished once a year is recommended.

Montblanc recommends cleaning your piece of jewellery adorned with pearls or mother-of-pearl with a damp cloth, carefully wiping the pearls or mother-of-pearl. Afterwards, dry your jewellery using a soft cloth. 

Stainless Steel
The stainless steel used in Montblanc jewellery is a very hard and resistant material which does not stain, tarnish, discolour or scratch easily. However, shiny and polished stainless steel is more sensitive and should not be exposed to sharp surfaces. Over time, stainless steel may show signs of wear and tear.

Please clean the jewellery as recommended. For the wooden parts, moisten the wood with a drop of mineral or almond oil on a cotton ball. Let the wood absorb the oil and then wipe off the remains. Please do not apply oil to other parts.

If your piece of jewellery has rubber inlays, please do not use any strong chemical cleaning agents. Please avoid scratches or cuts on the rubber, as this may cause the material to break.

Montblanc jewellery products with magnets should not be used by individuals fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps, transdermal drug delivery patches or other electro- medical devices, during pregnancy or while nursing an infant. Use of these products should also be avoided in the vicinity of high-voltage machinery or cables. The magnetic field emitted by these products may affect objects sensitive to magnets, such as credit cards or other magnetic cards, sensitive data storage devices or displays, personal digital assistants, video/audio tapes and similar items. The magnetic field emitted by these products may also affect the proper functioning of mechanical and quartz watches, so watches should not be stored in or near the products. These products are not toys and should be kept out of the reach of children. These products are not sold as medical devices and do not replace any professionally prescribed medical treatments.

Precious Resin/Lacquer
Precious resin, lacquer and any other precious material may develop fine cracks if knocked or dropped. Please do not use any strong chemical cleaning agents.

It is recommended that diamonds are handled with care to maintain the lifetime of their brilliance. Avoid contact with chemical products such as fragrances and detergents, as these substances may tarnish precious stones.

Gemstones/Precious Stones
Gemstones are very sensitive and may change colour if not treated properly. Gemstones should not be exposed to sunlight for a prolonged time as this may cause undesired changes in the material.

Leather is a natural material that is sensitive to the effects of light, humidity and water. To keep your Montblanc jewellery product with leather parts in perfect condition and prevent the colour from fading, Montblanc recommends protecting it from prolonged exposure to high temperatures or direct sunlight. In the event of contact with water, it should be dried promptly with a soft, smooth cloth. To maintain its natural softness, Montblanc recommends treating the leather parts with a neutral leather-care product.

Services for Your Montblanc Accessories

Personalise Your Montblanc Accessory

To bestow your accessory with a very special and personal note, Montblanc offers engraving of names or initials with up to eleven different font styles and embossing of initials with two different font styles to choose from. The options of personalisation are depending on the individual product.

Important note: Not every Montblanc accessory can be personalised. For Eyewear and Fragrance products no personalisation is offered.

Personalised products cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

We offer an evaluation of originality for all our products. This service is exclusively carried out by our master craftsmen ship in our headquarters service centre. Your accessory will be carefully inspected by our specialist. In case your product is a genuine Montblanc we will issue the ”Certificate of Authenticity” as prove of authenticity. The Authenticity evaluation is a chargeable service and requires up to five working days upon receipt in our headquarters service centre (excluding customs and shipping). For the submission of your product you may use our Authorised Retailer Finder.

Montblanc offers a varitey of repairs and services. In case your Montblanc accessory is damaged or broken, we are pleased to assist you. You may take your accessroy to a Montblanc boutique or an authorised retailer.

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