Patron of Art Edition 2009 Max von Oppenheim - Japan

Junko Koshino

Koshino Junko Award

Jury Members:
Hibino Matsuhiko
Hiroyuki Masuyama

The Event:
the Award Ceremony for the 2009 Japan Montblanc de la Culture was held in the centre of Tokyo, at the International house of Japan – a notably attractive venue famous for its elegant Japanese-style garden. Four hundred and fifty celebrity guests from all walks of Japanese life joined the award ceremony and reception to celebrate the world-famous fashion designer, Mrs Junko Koshino.

It was a mark of Mrs Koshino’s importance in the cultural life of Japan that the event was the best attended in the history of the Japanese MdlC Awards. The address outlining Ms Koshino’s contribution was given by Mrs Akie Abe, the popular wife of the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. In her speech, Mrs Abe highlighted Junko Koshino’s great contribution to the nurturing of fashion culture, not only in Japan, but also in Asia as a whole.

In honour of Mrs Koshino, and to demonstrate the importance of her work in supporting fashion design, Montblanc organised a short fashion show featuring young designers and models who have been supported by Mrs Koshino and her foundation.