Patron of Art Edition 2009 Max von Oppenheim - Spain

Liliana Godia

Fundacio Francisco Godia

Jury Members:
Stefano Palatchi
Lydia Delgado
Vicente Amigo

The Event:
On 29 April 2009 in Barcelona, the Montblanc Culture Foundation awarded its 2009 Montblanc Culture Prize to Liliana Godia, President of the Francisco Godia Foundation in recognition of her patronage activities as the head of the Francisco Godia Foundation. The jury also took into consideration her support and dissemination of culture and the arts in Europe.

During his speech, Hubert Wiese, CEO of Montblanc España, emphasised the passion with which Liliana has led the foundation that she created in honour of her father.

Attending the event were Barcelona City Council’s Civic Relations Commissioner Katy Carreras-Moysi, Xavier Trias de Bes, Alberto Fernández Díaz, Ferran Mascarell, former Catalan Minister of Culture, Leopoldo Rodés, chairman of Media Planning Group, Manual Carreras, chairman of Sport Cultura, the CEO of Bagués-Masriera Joan Oliveras-Bagués, the chairman of the Equestrian Circle, Borja García-Nieto, the owner of the firm Joyerías Rabat, Esteban Rabat, and Cristina Valls-Taberner.

The Francisco Godia Foundation's mission is the dissemination, promotion and development of cultural heritage through one of the most complete art collections in Europe, which encompasses all the stages in the history of art from the 12th century to the present day. Since it was first established in 1999 in honour of her father, Francisco Godia, Liliana Godia has taken part in all the projects that have been set up with a view to contributing to the promotion of local art and culture.