Montblanc Emblem

Montblanc Emblem


Emblem takes the noblest of its values: sobriety, excellence, precision. Its sillage reflects a brilliant, vibrant and forthright lifestyle. This fragrance inspires a man whose tenacity, confidence and composure drive him to reach the summit. Unfailing in his choices, confident in his tastes. And always with a relaxed chic style, a taste for luxury, an eye for detail. A man who bears a natural air of elegance. The bottle pays tribute to the Montblanc heritage, symbol of the six glacial valleys bordering the highest peak in Europe. An object to be kept, a talisman for which only a man of natural authority can be the custodian.


Montblanc Emblem Fragrance

Its composition is classic - demanding, timeless and never consensual. Top notes effervesce with juicy bitter grapefruit. The main accord blows hot and cold with an icy absolute of cardamom and clary sage leaf, jolted by a shockwave of pink peppercorns and black pepper. Frosty violet leaf crackles in contact with razor-sharp cinnamon leaf. Cleaned of its earthy aspect, purified patchouli gives this Montblanc fragrance its base, wrapped in the intensity of wood and ambroxan. This is where attraction - addiction - lies, like a shiver that runs over the skin.

Emblem is a woody, aromatic, fresh fragrance.

Emblem Intense

Montblanc Emblem Intense is a complement to, or rather the other facet of its eponymous predecessor. Regal, ardent and deep. All men change according to the time of day, their mood or the weather. We already knew that a man who wears Emblem is self-assured, noble and disciplined. And now we discover his conviction, strong virility and taste for modernity.


Montblanc Emblem Intense Fragrance

Pomarose, nutmeg, cinnamon, rare woods, velvet suede: this is where the nuance arises. A taste of apple with a touch of petals, invigorate the spices to cause a shiver on sensual skin. Something cold vibrates, born of the sparkling grapefruit and cardamom, pure and sharp like a steel ice pick that leads the triumphant climber to the mountain peaks. Violet leaves, patchouli and tonka bean still remain, but the composition has been adapted to this new blend that is almost a complete reinvention. Their presence highlights the sensual signature of the fragrance, its heat and intensity.

Emblem Intense is a woody, oriental, spicy fragrance.