10 reasons to work at Montblanc

10 reasons to work at Montblanc


In more than 20 locations around the world




Every day at Montblanc represents a little trip around the world. At the Hamburg location alone, you can meet people from over 30 different countries. Those wishing to expand their horizons internationally can do so just by arranging to meet someone for lunch. Or even from their desks, in digital exchanges with our more than 20 locations, offices and boutiques across the globe. Do you want to exploit your language skills? That’s also no problem either: we communicate daily in 11 different languages.

Grow from the very first day



At our company, entry and promotion lie close together. You will be given responsibility for your own projects, allowing you to grow from your first day onwards. For us, it is not your title, what you do or where you come from that count, it’s where you want to go. That is why we listen carefully and give you what you need in order that you can develop together with us.


One group, many opportunities



If you are diligent at networking, you can open up new opportunities with every contact: be it knowledge which advances you; be it inspiration to make new things possible; be it learning about valuable experiences which you then don’t have to make yourself. As a part of the Richemont Group, countless possibilities are open to you. Continual exchange is important to us, not just internally, but also with other businesses within and outside the luxury sector.

Enjoyment during and after work



We work with great commitment to achieve our success. And we reward ourselves for it. Not just with acknowledgement, trust and opportunities for promotion. But also with wonderful celebrations, events and parties. Be it Christmas or anniversaries: as much commitment as we put into our daily work, just as much amusement, fun and exuberance (and good food) go into our social interactions outside our jobs.

We develop your potential



Perhaps you don’t yet know your full potential. Find it out with us! We make it possible for every individual to get the best out of themselves. For this purpose, we provide you with challenging tasks, helpful colleagues in committed teams, immediate feedback and training which help you develop in a targeted manner. Be it training or further training, financial support for further educational measures or learning something new every day; be it languages, IT know-how or management competence - your knowledge and competence count amongst our most valuable investments.

Inspiring perspectives



There is nothing that inspires and spurs on your own work as much as seeing someone else working with full commitment. This happens here all the time. For example, you could be sitting in a meeting and watching the adept craftspeople in our manufacture deploying their precision artisan skills. It is not possible to describe the feeling you get from such a close-up view of how true craftsmanship flows into our products. See for yourself!

A strong sense of togetherness



Not everyone is a networking genius. That is why we help now and then with a little game of roulette: our lunch roulette. Or we bring employees from very different departments and nationalities together around one table at an International After Work. Whether during or outside working hours, but always in a relaxed atmosphere - getting to know each other, exchanging views and supporting each other mutually are very important to us. Only our strong sense of togetherness can create this atmosphere of well-being and company culture, which is beneficial to us all and the entire company.

Designing tomorrow today



Yes, we set high standards. Requirements are changing extremely rapidly in all areas, from retail to technology. And the great thing about this is that new opportunities are constantly emerging which we know how to exploit. This covers our growing e-commerce business right through to new solutions and products from the “Innovations & New Technologies” division: those wanting to design the future of Montblanc should join our company today.

Boredom? You won’t find that here!



It never gets boring at our company. This is down to continual new challenges and tasks which emerge over the course of a day. Or to the many possibilities for changing job or department over the course of your career. It comes as no surprise that we have so many colleagues celebrating their twentieth, thirtieth or even fortieth anniversary at Montblanc.

Everyone makes a difference here



It’s not just the fine little touches that stamp our creations as our own. It’s not just the little and large projects in marketing which shape our brand image. It is every single employee - everyone helps give Montblanc its edge. Every decision, every project, every inspiration and every action contributes towards making our products, our processes, our company and the Montblanc brand the way they are. Is it possible to do more in one day? Find out here!