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High Artistry

Unexpected Designs born of Ancient Aesthetics

The written word is a form of art - and writing instruments can also become expressions of art themselves. What we refer to as 'High Artistry' is our ascent to the zenith of craftsmanship, design and value. With every High Artistry edition, Montblanc pushes the boundaries of technical excellence and creative design to transform functional writing instruments into extraordinary objects d'art. Fascinating historice themes are artfully expressed through the exquisiteness of ancient métiers d'art. The High Artistry collection remains true to the rich Maison tradition. These writing instruments are crafted in the Artisan Atelier where icons of design excellence are brought to life by innovative minds and skilled hands.

A Tribute to the Great Wall

China, perhaps more than any other culture, has come to cherish the advent of their writing system as one of their greatest cultural achievements. Inspired by the traditional calligraphy brush, the A Tribute to the Great Wall Limited Editions are adorned with historic carvings and symbolism of the many dynasties that built the Great Wall.

A Revival of Ancient Egyptian Treasures

This High Artistry collection reflects on the past two centuries' passion to rediscover the ancient world and marry the aesthetics of the past with the precision of modern-day craftsmanship. Montblanc has taken inspiration in the so-called 'Egyptomania' that gripped Europe and the Americas and paid homage to it by creating a line of Limited Editions with alluring octagonal shapes, artisanal gold work, delicate hand engraving, scarab forms and rich collections of precious stones such as diamonds, saphires and turqoise.

A Celebration of the Taj Mahal

In the Golden Era of the Moghul Empire, in which artisinal craftsmanship and jewelry making reached previously unimaginable heights of intricacy and quality, Shah Jahan mandated the construction of the Taj Mahal - perhaps one of the world's most famous and enduring symbols of devotion. Captivated by that zenith of skill, our craftsmen have developed the A Celebration of Taj Mahal, whose fantastically ornate designs and rich use of rare materials are a lively celebration of the edifice that immortalized both love and an era.

Conquest of Antartica, Homage to Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen is considered as one of the most successful explorers of the Arctic and the Antarctic. He led expiditions that achieved the first transit of the North-West passage, reached the South Pole for the first time and successfully navigated the North-East passage. This edition is inspired by these adventures and the arctic sea, playing with new techniques of setting stones in different layers - looking like ice sheets colliding, but also details of his expidition vessel.