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Sartorial Calligraphy

Montblanc's sartorial sophistication tries on a new urban look

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Modern Talking

Graffiti - the voice of a city - playfully twists words to make a loud statement without uttering a sound. It’s artistry with an attitude.

Echoing contemporary urban style and trends, the Sartorial Calligraphy collection is the latest interpretation of “logomania”, but with a quintessentially Montblanc touch: a celebration of writing culture including graffiti. Minimal, but by no means inconspicuous, it is where uptown sophistication meets street-wise sensibility.

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“It’s artistry with an attitude."

Words, indeed, create lasting connections. We first met the graffiti artist Denis Meyers last October in Paris, where he created a piece of art on the exterior of our Champs-Élysées boutique with his signature calligraffiti. A month later, during the visit to his studio in Brussels, we discussed the power of urban art.

Written word - both public and private - is a tool for communication. Are there particular themes that could be found in your work?

Travelling, memorable encounters, exchange of ideas… I have always been fascinated by the people I meet, their personal histories and how sharing ideas connects us. Sometimes I relate my art to my own story, too. But more often, I choose to tell the story of the people I meet.

”I work and exhibit my work publicly. After all, that is the nature of street art.”

What about the connection between your work and the people, who see your work in public spaces?

I work and exhibit my work publicly. After all, that is the nature of street art. Sometimes, I choose to create participative or charitable art pieces, where people help me build the project by suggesting words or a message that I write. I believe this is what makes the creation and interaction with the work a communal experience.

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So, would you say that the people who see and experience your art play an important role in its life?

For me, art exists when people can see it. There’s no point in creating work that remains invisible. My art is made for the people. And often, the people who interact with my art are the ones, who ultimately inspire it.

Urban calligraphy is the voice of the city and its people. Taking inspiration from this phenomenon, the new Montblanc Sartorial Calligraphy collection is made for those, who want their style to do the talking.