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Montblanc Mark Makers create their own definition of success. They are enthusiastic doers who leave their mark by boldly pursuing the things that move them.

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Our latest Mark Maker is actress and fashion icon Xin Zhi Lei. Internationally recognised for her ability to craft distinctive characters, Xin Zhi Lei challenges herself in each new role – always on her terms and never taking the easy route. When she’s off-camera, you’ll find her bringing fashion designs to life by putting pen to paper. This innate drive to leave her mark on multiple industries embodies the Montblanc Mark Maker attitude.

“I am not an actress who just wants to ride an elevator to the top: I’ll take the stairs a step at a time. And I will be there.”

Bohème is our central women’s product line that captures the essence of fine watchmaking and celebrates great design, bold ambitions and strong women. In her role as a Mark Maker for this collection, Xin Zhi Lei will join our mission to inspire people to express their full potential and celebrate those who follow their own original path towards success.