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Take care of your writing instrument and learn more about our services

Care Recommendations for your Montblanc Writing Instrument

We created the videos to show how to clean and refill your Montblanc fountain pen. Montblanc recommends cleaning your fountain pen approximately every three months to preserve its pristine condition. Especially if the ink has dried up due to lack of use, the feeder system is blocked, a different colour of ink is to be used or the ink flow becomes irregular or stops. For cleaning, use only lukewarm water without any chemical products. It is impossible to prevent condensation after the cleaning process inside the cap. Condensation can dissolve traces of dried ink, causing a colour change in the new ink. Therefore, always be careful to clean the nib and cap with a damp lint-free cloth. To avoid leakage, keep the writing instrument fully filled with new ink and carry the fountain pen with the nib pointing upwards.

Important note: It is particularly important to clean the fountain pen regularly if permanent ink is used, as the high solids content of the ink can lead to deposits forming in the feed system. It should be cleaned approximately every two weeks.

In addition to maintaining your Montblanc fountain pen with the nib cleaner, Montblanc recommends that you carry out a thorough cleaning process once a year by contacting Montblanc Customer Service. Each time you finish refilling your Montblanc fountain pen, please use the nib cleaner as follows:

Open the nib cleaner by pressing on the outer edges.
Insert your pen right to the top with the nib facing upwards.
Absorb any excess ink by gently applying pressure to the top and bottom of the nib.
Press gently on the thread and turn the nib cleaner to clean the front part and the thread.
After use, the nib cleaner should be stored in the front compartment of the nib cleaner box.
The nib cleaner should be replaced once it has been used more than five times.

Your writing instrument is manufactured from distinctive materials, such as precious resin, metal, wood, mother-of-pearl and precious stones. To enjoy your Montblanc writing instrument for a long time, please protect it from any breakage or damage and do not expose it to heat or humidity.

We recommend to keep your Montblanc writing instrument in a Montblanc pouch for protection. When not using your Montblanc writing instrument for a longer period of time, we kindly advise to remove all ink out of the fountain pen. After a longer storage period, Montblanc recommends to clean your fountain pen to preserve its pristine condition.

Montblanc offers an exclusive selection of different Montblanc ink colours. In order to best protect your Montblanc fountain pen from any damage, please only use the Montblanc ink.

Montblanc writing instruments with magnets should not be used by people fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps, transdermal drug delivery patches or other electro-medical devices, during pregnancy or while nursing an infant. Use of these products should also be avoided in the vicinity of high-voltage machinery or cables. The magnetic field generated by the products may affect objects sensitive to magnets, such as credit cards or other magnetic cards, sensitive data storage devices or displays, personal digital assistants, video/ audio tapes and similar items.

The magnetic field generated by these products may also affect the proper functioning of mechanical and quartz watches, so watches should not be stored in or near the products. These products are not toys and should be kept out of the reach of children.

Services for Montblanc Writing Instruments

Selection of the perfect nib

Every nib made by Montblanc is crafted and polished by hand. To offer the perfect nib for each individual handwriting style, Montblanc offers an exclusive selection of eight different nib widths. Choosing the right nib to match your personal writing style will allow you to write effortlessly.

If the nib is not a perfect match for you, Montblanc Customer Service offers a free nib exchange for up to six weeks after purchase. For Limited Editions, the nib exchange is free of charge for up to one year after purchase. Please note that this free service only applies if the nib is still in mint condition. 

A typical nib consulting at Montblanc starts with the question of which purpose you would like to use the Montblanc fountain pen for. Either for daily writing, drawing or signatures. This is determined via a special writing test by our well experienced boutique associates or authorised retailer. Afterwards your handwriting is analysed regarding several aspects which influence the correct usage of a nib e.g. kind of paper, pressure used, writing style and direction (inward/ outward) and the size of the letters. Accordingly, we offer a perfectly crafted nib by selecting from the three geometrics and different nib widths:

EF, F, M
The basic feature is the round tip which is suitable for high hand rotation, especially for fountain pen beginners and left-handers
The basic feature is the flat tip which is suitable for smooth hand rotation.

To bestow your writing instrument with a very special and personal note, Montblanc offers engraving of names or initials with up to eleven different font styles to choose from. The ultimate expression of individuality is the engraving of your own personal signature.

Engraving is possible on a surface of precious resin, metal or on the clip of your writing instrument, depending on the writing instrument. The engraving colour will match the trim of your writing instrument, i.e. silver, pearl white, gun metal, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum. Engraving is only possible in Roman characters.
For a first overview click here.

Important note: Not every Montblanc product can be engraved.
Personalised products cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

Get your personalisation now

A personalised nib that underlines the uniqueness of your individual handwriting.

The Montblanc bespoke nib is exclusively crafted from solid gold by the highly skilled artisans of the Montblanc nib manufacture in Hamburg, who grind it by hand so that it reflects the individual characteristics of a person’s handwriting. Each Montblanc bespoke nib can be further customized with an engraved inscription, such as “Handcrafted for …”, recording for all time the exceptional and utterly personal nature of your bespoke nib.

To experience this exclusive service, you could have the key characteristics of your handwriting analysed at Montblanc Headquarters in Hamburg, as well as in dedicated Montblanc boutiques worldwide, e.g. Hamburg, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Mexico City, Dubai, New York, Milan and Moscow.

Using a specially developed “electro-pen”, you write your signature and a short sample text, while a computer measures key parameters, including writing speed, pressure, pen rotation, swing range and inclination angle. These are interpreted by a Montblanc bespoke nib expert, who recommends the precise nib that corresponds to your individual needs.

We offer an evaluation of originality for all our products. This service is exclusively carried out by our master craftsmen ship in our headquarters service centre.

Your writing instrument will be carefully inspected by our specialist. In case your product is a genuine Montblanc we will issue the ” Certificate of Authenticity” as prove of authenticity. The Authenticity evaluation is a chargeable service and requires up to five working days upon receipt in our headquarters service centre (excluding customs and shipping). For the submission of your product you may use our Authorised Retailer Finder.

Montblanc offers a variety of repairs and services . In case your Montblanc writing instrument was damaged or broken, we are pleased to assist you. You may take your writing instrument to a Montblanc Boutique or an authorised retailer.

Get your Writing Instrument serviced