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The pure joy of finding exactly what you've been looking for

Watch enthusiasts will know that finding the perfect timepiece takes a great deal of research and thought. Unlike other investments, a watch quickly becomes an instantly recognisable part of your personal brand: always present, it must complement your full range of attire throughout the year. Its functions must match your lifestyle, whereas the aesthetic must suit your unique sartorial sense.


Your personality is straightforward and your style is timeless. You strive for perfection and take pride in reaching your goals. Sound familiar? Then you need a watch that means business. The right timepiece will be versatile enough to make you stand out in any environment – whether that’s a corporate boardroom or someone’s dining room.

The Montblanc Star Legacy is the business partner you have been looking for. The collection features in-house complications that bring together Minerva’s tradition of fine watchmaking with cutting-edge technology. It is this combination that allows Star Legacy timepieces to easily adapt to settings that demand composure and elegance.


You take inspiration from the past and appreciate things that have a unique history. However, you aren’t afraid to carve your own path and let your style tell your story. You have a natural affinity for beauty and can quickly spot a real vintage gem. That’s why the watch that catches your attention is sophisticated and unparalleled in its elegance.

The Heritage collection, characterised by its vintage flair, is composed of instant watchmaking classics. Inspired by Minerva’s wristwatches of the 1940s and 1950s, these watches put timeless design at the forefront. Vintage design features, such as colourful, domed dials and dot indexes, make the Heritage collection a modern homage to classic watchmaking history.


You are constantly inspired and invigorated by your surroundings. Never afraid to step out of your comfort zone, you are happy to strive towards the unknown. The right timepiece for you strikes a perfect balance between style and functionality. You don’t know where your next adventure might take you, so you need a watch that can keep up with your adventurous spirit.

A life-long passion

Anyone can wear a watch, but only a true watch-lover knows the importance of taking proper care of their timepiece.
It is advisable to get your timepiece serviced every one to five years, depending on the type of watch movement. Montblanc also offers a range of services: a bracelet service, a battery service, a maintenance service for quartz watches, a maintenance service for mechanical watches, a comprehensive service for bracelet and strap, a polishing service for bracelet and case and an authentication service. Get in touch with our customer service team or visit your Montblanc boutique to find out more.