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Thinking Ahead

Today, luxury is not just beautiful – above all, it is smart. Created for a modern connected life, Montblanc New Technology supports your need for creativity, freedom, and wellness. Blending timeless design codes with cutting-edge technology, we offer a new kind of smart luxury experience. Our in-house specialists design smart everyday companions in partnership with industry experts, skil-fully connecting our brand heritage with progressive trends. The choice of materials and finishes, rooted in Montblanc craftsmanship, complements every smart device’s functionality shaped by our response to tech trends and innovations. Our global network of engineers, hardware production, software development and component suppliers is what also makes the complexity of our New Tech offering so exciting.

Connect to your Life

Our first venture into new technology is the Montblanc Augmented Paper. Made to transport the pre-cious gift of handwriting into a digital world, it allows you to create on traditional paper, then digitise all notes and sketches with a click of a button and continue wherever you are. The Summit smart-watch family further embodies our dedication to combining state-of-the-art innovations with Mont-blanc craftsmanship. The ever-growing selection of advanced wearables is designed to motivate you to stay ahead and live your life to the fullest. As you set on this exciting journey, discover the sound of comfort with MB 01 wireless headphones. Pairing premium materials and the latest audio hardware, they deliver a rich sonic experience and set the soundtrack to your explorations.

Creating a lifetime companion

Offering motivation and support as you navigate through challenges and goals, Montblanc New Tech is made for a modern life, where luxury means making time for what matters and savouring each moment of it.

Explore the world of Montblanc New Techologies.