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This Writers Edition celebrates the extraordinary life and literary canon of the venerable British writer Jane Austen. Across the collection, each writing instrument showcases Austen and the Maison's shared reverence and passion for the written word. Get inspired to leave your mark — by a literary legend whose work continues to resonate across generations and around the globe.



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  • Jane Austen was a prolific letter writer — it is estimated she wrote 3,000 letters over her lifetime — and sealed her messages with a sealing wax stamp. Reflecting this, a seal wax stamp inspires the shape of each writing instrument.
  • In honour of Jane Austen’s fictional heroines, the band of a reticule — a pouch-like ladies’ handbag from the Regency era with a drawstring that doubles as a fastener and handle — inspires the shape of the clip.
  • In detail and design, the four editions in the collection represent The Countryside, The House, The Travel, and The Ball — illustrating Jane Austen's passions and a cohesive story of her remarkable life and timeless work.
  • Until the publication of Northanger Abbey and Persuasion in 1817, Jane Austen published her novels anonymously. In homage to this, “By a Lady” and a floral pattern surround the Montblanc emblem.


Across her six major novels, English writer Jane Austen illuminates and comments on the late 18th-century landed gentry with elegance, irony, and wit. Austen’s works often explore stories of women of that era who depended on social and economic security, encouraging readers to think about the complexity of the female experience and all facets of the human condition. With this collection, we recognize the lasting mark her life and works, from Pride and Prejudice to Emma, made on the world.

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